Thanksgiving HUGE SUCCESS: Billtvshow Knocked Down a Peg

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This was a triumph! I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. Today I achieved a long-time Rock Band goal of mine: I at last toppled Billtvshow to claim the number one spot for Still Alive on vocals. :D

Ever since it was released, I've loved singing Still Alive. Some people that have played with me online know I usually pick it once per day. In fact, I even made a GLaDOS character to entertain the other bandmembers while they're waiting to play during that song. One day I wanted to squeeze enough points so that GLaDOS would be the best at her own song.

Now she finally is. See her celebratory #1 pose in the picture attachment, and also the leaderboard picture as evidence. "Take that!", says Phoenix Wright. YEEEAAAH!

P.S.: I don't care about beating Billtv on anything else, I just wanted to do it on this one song. The thread title was mainly to get people interested enough to look :) . This achievement feels (to me) on the level of beating Green Grass & High Tides for the first time -- something I worked so hard to do -- so I wanted to share. It's only fitting that GLaDOS owns Still Alive.
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