Rock Blog Thursday 07/05/07

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How's everyone rolling after the fourth? I wasn't at work but I tried to stay on top of the forums and watching 800 different pieces of info about the game get picked up everywhere across the internet. Awesome! Other than that I sat on my porch drinking limeade with coconut rum and reading this amazing book I bought the other day called Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks. Relaxing, dig?

I also saw the Konks play at the Middle East (renowned Cambridge rock club) the other night. Kurt Davis is the lead singer/percussionist for the band (and a Harmonix employee) and it was the first time I'd seen them play out live. I even brought some friends of ours from Seattle and I think I can honestly say everyone was blown away. After the show we hurried back to the offices and managed a couple rounds of Rock Band. I think my favorite part about introducing this game to people who have never played it before is that look of pure joy they get on their faces when they first figure out their instrument and they start to actually rock with the rest of their band. I can't wait for this thing to come out.

Blogs! I didn't mention them Tuesday or Wednesday so I will mention them now! Leo filled in for Warburg last week and I liked his blog so much I asked if he would go regular on Tuesdays. He has some fresh tips for beating the humidity in Boston, and probably the acrid smell of rotting detritus as well! Next we have Canfield with the third and final chapter in the Harmonix dissertation on random number usage. I was going to post a fourth entry but it just would have read- "pony candy leprachaun imagineering balogna pants LOLz." Lastly, Moss discusses the music he listens to. Hint- it isn't Dragonforce. I imagine that QA will have up an awesome blog later this evening as well as Warburg with his triumphant return but i will link to those tomorrow.

Leo Beats The Heat

Canfield on Randomizing in Design

Moss FOR THE gershWIN


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    I have only one thing to say . . . . You Guys Rock!!!!
  • Hade01Hade01 Opening Act
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    That's it! I'm coming over. Rev up the game, I'll be there in a day or two. 800 miles is a long distance to cover.

    Also, you guys are still suffering from humidity? Didn't you guys get a cold front or something? Or did it pass already?

    Maybe I should just read the blog...
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    Hade01;8533 said:

    Also, you guys are still suffering from humidity? Didn't you guys get a cold front or something? Or did it pass already?
    We are now back to humidty, woohoo!
    I'm from NJ but we get pretty much the same weather as they get in Boston. We had a cold front earlier this week. I even had to put the heat on in my car during Monday's work commute.

    And now it's hot again and sticky and hot.
  • masterx1918masterx1918 Rising Star
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    yeah it's been cool and rainy here this week
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