Best guitar instrumenal in Rock History?

OldFogeyOldFogey Road Warrior
edited December 2008 in History of Rock
OK -- so I have an idea for a new battle: battle of the guitar instrumentals leading up to: "what's the best guitar instrumental of all time?" But I'm not going to pretend like I know it all, so what I'd really like to do is break it up and some different folks run some of the preliminaries. Maybe it could be done along genre lines. So I might take classic rock, blues-rock and jazz-rock.

Then I was thinking about some of my buds who could fill in gaps:

Shred -- metal and if he wants to break it further I'm cool like that.
Schiz (if he's still around) -- prog
Axl -- whatever he wants

I'll coordinate and run the finals.

So I wanna see if there's interest in the battle -- and specifically if Shred, Schiz and Axl are up for running parts of the battle. If others are interested in running a part of the battle that's cool, too. Let me know what you're interested in.



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