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    raking leaves or shoveling snow?
  • Shoveling snow.

    Star Wars question.

    Ewoks or Wampas?
  • Sad that there is no love for Wookies (Chewbacca's species), but my choice is Ewoks, because of the third Star Wars (Technically 6th) film.

    Cutest fictional robot...

    Astro Boy or GIR from Invader Zim?
  • GIR for me.

    Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar when playing?
  • edited February 2017
    Rock Band Guitar. (It's the guitar I use for Rock Band 4 (Kinda wished that I had a Guitar Hero World Tour/5/Warriors of Rock guitar, though).

    Guitar Hero 5 Song list or Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Song list?
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    edited February 2017
    Warriors of Rock by miles. A lot of people complain about all the metal in the game, but that's actually a major reason why it's one of my favorites. GH5 had some good songs (especially the likes of 21st Century Schizoid Man and Do You Feel Like We Do), but it also had a lot of what I felt like were filler tracks to me, and a lot of it was rather dull to play in comparison.

    Guitar Hero World Tour or Band Hero setlist?
  • Guitar Hero World Tour Setlist.

    French Toast w/...

    White Bread as the bread base or French Brioche Bread as the bread base?
  • White bread (thick sliced!!!)

    Brutal mode or performance mode (RB3) ?
  • MythsOfMetalMythsOfMetal Unsigned
    edited February 2017
    Brutal Mode because I'd actually stand a chance then.

    Now for another Star Wars question, this one with an objective answer.

    Who would be more likely to win in a fight in SW: Battlefront 2, Jawas or Tusken Raiders?

    The answer is the totally overpowered killing machines called Jawas. Here's video evidence.

  • I say Tusken Raiders, but it depends on strategy and situation.

    Limo ride with Elvis or Michael Jackson? (assuming they were still alive)
  • I'd take a limo ride with Elvis (If he wasn't dead already), because he's the King of Rock'n Roll.

    A related question, but with cartoon characters.

    Limo ride with Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? (If they existed in real life).
  • Bugs Bunny. Mickey mouse's voice would irritate me after awhile. Bugs is also funnier.

    Left or Right?
  • Right

    Horizon Zero Dawn or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    I want to try both - but will say Horizon Zero Dawn

    Scooby Doo or Scrappy Doo?
  • Scooby Doo (Because mostly everyone hates Scrappy for obvious reasons (See The TV Troper "The Scrappy")

    What is the most annoying thing that can occure on this forums...

    The Spam Block or The Your Post Will Appear Once It's Approve Message?
  • Well the spam block seems to be better and haven't had the other one pop up yet.
    But will say the spam block was super annoying at the start, made me not want to come here for awhile LOL (i type too fast and it kept blocking me)

    Modest Mouse or L7?
  • Modest Mouse (I'm surprised we don't have Dashboard yet).

    Sly & The Family Stone or P-Funk?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    Sly and the family Stone

    History or Science?
  • Science

    Regular oranges or blood oranges?
  • Regular Oranges.

    A Cappella or Instrumental?
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    Instrumental for me, in terms of listening.

    Remixes or mashups?
  • Although I truly don't care for both, i have heard some cool mashups. So i will say that.

    Smashing Pumpkins or Nirvana?
  • Smashing Pumpkins (I also like Nirvana, but we need Bullet with Butterfly Wings ASAP (Let's hope it comes out in a Pack with Cherub Rock and Today)

    NFL Mascots or MLB Mascots? (And please specify your favorite of what you've choose)
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    NFL Mascot - the Chicago Bears! Staley!!!! Woo! Staley is named after the original name of the Chicago Bears franchise - The Decatur Staleys (1921)

    Better search engine: Google or Yahoo?

  • Google here. Much easier to use and always gives me better results :)

    Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street?
  • Nightmare on Elm Street

    Power Metal from the US or from Europe?
  • I'll take either, but my personal choice would be European Power Metal (Because I would love to have bands like Stratovarius and Rhapsody of Fire, someday).

    Which of these NHL Mascots would you like to hug?

    Harvey The Hound of the Calgary Flames or Howler The Coyote of the Phoenix Coyotes?
  • As a native Arizonan and fan of the Coyotes I have to choose them... though the Flames are my second favorite team

    so the battle of Bethesda.. Fallout or Elder Scrolls?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned

    From Bungie:
    Destiny or Halo ?
  • Halo has to be my favourite FPS.

    Series from China or Japan?
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