The This or That game!


  • Lara Croft, i'm too much of a video game nerd at heart lol.

    Do you try for achievements/trophies or simply ignore them?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    I try for trophies. Unless I don't like the game. ;)

    read a book or read a magazine?
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Read a book over a magazine every single time.

    Pickle Juice soda or Ranch Dressing soda?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    Look what you did! No one wanted to be brave enough to answer HAHA!

    Pickle juice soda. yum

    Van Helsing or Van Halen?
  • I like both but have to go with Van Helsing just because I loved those movies!

    Italian or Greek food?
  • rkbdgurlrkbdgurl Road Warrior
    Greek for one reason only...Gyro's. Yum!

    Cake donuts or yeast donuts?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    cake donuts

    wooden drum sticks or other material? (plastic,metal)
  • Wooden here. Although I only drum with Rock Band or MIDI drumming using the RB kit so don't really need anything other than that to be honest.

    Are you buying more or less DLC during the RB4 era?
  • Technically Less but that is only because of the amount of DLC being released at the current time

    Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone
  • Iphone even though mine has been being stupid lately lol

    Disney cartoon or live action movies?
  • Disney Cartoon Movies (I love Zootopia, and pretty much every movie from the Disney Animated Canon, and Pixar Films).

    Tacos or Burritos?
  • Tacos, original mexican tacos.

    Dave Grohl in Foo Fighters or in Nirvana?
  • Nirvana, Nuff Said

    Mountain Dew Code Red or Pitch Black?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    Mountain Dew Code Red

    1980's music or 1990's music?
  • 1980s, the decade of heavy metal.

    About that:
    Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?
  • I like both, but if I have to choose between the two: Iron Maiden, because they have epic songs.

    Dreamworks or Illumination?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned

    Sundae topping - chocolate, carmel or strawberry?
  • I'll take either of the three, since all three are good, but if I have to choose between the three: Caramel.

    Nuts for Sundae - peanuts, walnuts, or pecans?
  • Peanuts

    Pistachios or sunflower seeds?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    sunflower seeds

    thunderstorms or blue skies?
  • Blue Skies (Because Thunderstorms can cause power outages, which is bad when playing games like Rock Band 4).

    Best Main Character from Zootopia: Judy Hopps or Nick Wilde?
  • Ugh i like both! I have to go with Judy Hopps just because!

    "IT" or "Pet Semetary"?
  • Pet Semetery. I've seen neither film but I love the Ramones song.

    Cemetery Gates by Pantera or Cemetry Gates by The Smiths?
  • Wow, I wasn't aware that The Smiths has a song called Cemetary Gates (I know a couple of songs from them, and I wish we get more songs from that band as DLC).

    But anyways, my choice is Cemetary Gates by Pantera, not only is it long overdue for being included in Rock Band 4, but it's also a hauntingly beautiful song, with an awesome guitar solo by the one and only Dimebag Darryl. :D

    Pancakes or Waffles?
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    Waffles, only because I have pancakes much more often, so they've sort of become a rare treat.

    Pop-Tarts or Toaster Strudles?
  • Toaster Strudels

    Cherry Cheesecake or Blueberry Cheesecake?
  • No love for Chocolate Chip Cheesecake? But seriously, I'm fine with either one... I'll choose Blueberry, since that's Nick Wilde's favorite flavor of Cheesecake, and I like Blueberry Pie and Muffins as well.

    Chicken Wings or Mozzarella Sticks?
  • I love both but I love when I get the opportunity to have Mozzarella Sticks so i have to choose those because it rarely happens! (One of our local pizza joints makes the best homemade marinara I have ever tasted!)

    Cable shows or Netflix originals?
  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    cable shows

    A walk on a beach or a walk in the mountains?
  • razor63razor63 Unsigned
    A walk in the mountains. I don't like the beach.

    CNN or MSNBC?
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