The This or That game!


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    Ugh, I didn't noticed that Violent Femmes already made their debut seven years ago... Guess that's what I get for not fully paying attention to RBDB's list of artists. :p

    If it's the rewinds that we're getting next month, then my choice is obviously Joan Jett's Bad Reputation. If it's rewinds we're not getting at the moment, then I would've chosen the Ramone's Blitzkrieg Bop (Because I already have I Wanna Be Sedated, by doing the Rock Band 3 Export before it expired). But I'm going to say Joan Jett just in case it's the former.

    Regular M & M's or Peanut M & M's?
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Peanut M&Ms all the way.

    Headache inducing poorly played and overly loud metal guitar, or ear-bursting poorly played tuba?
  • Headache inducing poorly played and overly loud metal guitar, of course, I like Grindcore.

    Killing Floor or Left 4 Dead?
  • killing floor

    electronic book or paperback book?
  • wh1t3kn1tewh1t3kn1te Opening Act

    to celebrate Halloween do you go to a party or stay inside and have a movie marathon
  • I just sit at home usually now.

    Would you rather travel to..
    Italy or Mexico?
  • Italy, for authentic Italian Cuisine.

    Which of these Lego: Rock Band songs do you want as a Rewind?

    The Final Countdown (Europe) or A-Punk (Vampire Weekend)?
  • The Final Countdown, for sure.

    Which of these RB1 songs would you prefer: "Say It Ain't So" or "Learn to Fly"?
  • learn to fly

    electronic drum set or midi keyboard?
  • I can play some parts of Shelia Takes a Bow by The Smiths on a Synth, so my choice is Midi Keyboard.

    Which of these Rock Band 2 songs do you want as a Rewind?

    Everlong (Foo Fighters) or The Middle (Jimmy Eats World)?
  • Well if I didn't already own them I'd want Jimmy Eat World by miles. (Not a huge Fighter fan if you can't tell lol)

    Horror movies or novels?
  • I guess I'd rather read a horror story than watch one, considering I don't like them either way, heh (unless it's psychological horror, which is a different story).

    Romance movies or Romance novellas (aka Mills & Boon etc. for those who know what they are).
  • Romance novels. At least I have some imagination there.

    A good, nicely-boiled hot dog, or an exquisite vegan hot dog?
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    Hmmmm... Boiled Hot Dog. Though, in my honest opinion, Grilled Hot Dogs are the best. :)

    Here's a Yu-Gi-Oh related choice. Which of these Egyptian God Cards to you want in your collection?

    Silfer The Sky Dragon or Obelisk The Tormentor or The Winged Dragon of Ra?
  • Yu-Gi-Oh killed a 59 page thread!!!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh killed a 59 page thread!!!

    Alright, then I'll change it. :p

    Black Sabbath or Rainbow? (Is this better?)
  • Black Sabbath!

    War Pigs or Pigs on the Wing?
  • War Pigs and Silfer The Sky Dragon

    Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the Gathering?
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    Yu-Gi-Oh, only due to nostalgia of seeing some epic games of it on the playground in Elementary school.

    This may be another threadkiller, but Digimon or Tamagachi?
  • Digimon (But I like Tamagatchi too).

    Run or The Sky Is A Neighborhood?
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
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    Run, because... I don't know what the choices mean.

    Brain-freeze or titty-twister? (receive)
  • titty-twister

    warm weather or cold weather?
  • Warm Weather.

    Here's a choice between two obscure Classic Rock bands that not a lot of people will know...

    Sir Lord Baltimore or Captain Beyond?
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Captain Beyond, because the name sounds less pretentious.

    Vegan Pot Roast or Chorizo and Tofu?
  • Captain Beyond, because the name sounds less pretentious.

    Vegan Pot Roast or Chorizo and Tofu?

    Chorizo and Tofu.

    Ten hours of Nickelback or ten hours of Creed?
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    I'm probably going to get LOLs for saying this, but I kinda like Creed's and Nickleback's music, and I don't care for the amount of dislike for both bands by the Music community. But if I have to choose, I'll choose ten hours of Nickelback (Though, I wouldn't mind doing ten hours of Creed).

    Ten hours of Metallica or Ten hours of Megadeth?
  • LordFlatusLordFlatus Rising Star
    Ten hours of Metallica. Anything but ten exhausting hours of Gojira...

    48 hours straight of Gojira the Band music, or 48 hours straight of Gojira monster movies?
  • 10 hours of He-Man, even though I’d never sit for ten hours for either.

    Cujo or Pet Semetary?
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