New track from forthcoming Lamb of God album

Oscar-RioOscar-Rio 0/10
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It's called Contractor, and the album is entitled Wrath. Scheduled for a Feb '09 release.

It sounds like....lamb of god...maybe with a little more sludge mixed in. I really miss the NAG days of Lamb of God.


  • JohnTheDrummerJohnTheDrummer Road Warrior
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    Oo, I was hoping someone would post this, sounds good. Definitely Lamb of God, sounds like they are going for a Thrash sound more so than before.
  • Mystlyfe77Mystlyfe77 Big Fan
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    I'm... well... yeah.
    I'm not in love with it, but I don't hate it either. It sounds rather generic, although the part around 2:45 reminds me of why I listen to LoG.

    It's certainly not a continuation of the sound/direction they took with Sacrament, and they said it wouldn't be. It's no New American Gospel (I too, miss those days), but I can't see them every making music like that again (especially in terms of Randy's vocals).
    The vocals are probably the weakest performance on the song, but they aren't bad.

    I'll wait 'til the album comes out before I judge it. Either way I'm going to see them next summer/fall when they tour the US again.
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