The Old Man Band (Players Over 30)


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    Larvitar, I'll add you tonight as well as ennis.

    Mega - while my wife and I don't have any kids of our own, all our friend couples seem to, and they always come over and love the Wii. the big hits for them are Mario Kart, Rayman Raving Rabbids and Elebits.

    On the warm up front, before I ever go online for a session, I do something similar to what mega mentioned. With the drums, I find I'm a little particular on how things need to be set up (positioning, height, etc.), and I don't want to be fussing with stuff when I'm online.
    I'll pick a 2-3 song set of lower tiered songs on Expert... after that when I go back to my 'regular' hard drums, the chart looks like its going in slow mo, and I've got myself in a comfort zone.
    It usually takes me a few songs to kind of hit my stride, so this deals with that pretty well.

    I'm at a wierd point now.
    I'm fine with generally everything on hard drums except some of the level 6 stuff.
    And I find I don't have too much difficulty with most songs on expert... but I just won't move to expert until I can at least pass/do well on everything on hard first.
    And some of the stuff (Ace of Spades, Painkiller, Battery) are auto-fails for me on hard at this stage.
    Otherwise, I consider myself a pretty solid Hard level drummer.

    And Zarlor is unreal as an expert vocalist by the way.
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    pubnight , I will add you when I get on later I also play hard /expert drums but can do a little guitar on medium. and I can second what you said about Zarlor I played a set with him last night and he was always on expert and always 98 99% Pubnight maybe we can do a little tug of war or score challenge or whatever it is called. Sounds like you have simillar problems on some of the same songs I do. I have got through Ace of spades on hard but it was not pretty!
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    Good luck with the ESL, Z

    Thanks for the advice
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    Just finished that marathon session of songs. Yowsa! Only 3 songs I got 4 stars on. "Tangled Up In Blue" I should not have 4-starred at all, but I always catch myself trying to sing like Dylan, and if you do that you'll mis a bunch of notes (Dylan is all too often a bit flat, and definitely so for the notes RB wants you to sing. And I'm not that fond of the song or the singer anyway). 'Master Exploder' is just a royal pain to get to 5 stars on and I forgot the other song I only 4-starred on. On of the harder ones that we just don't do very often...maybe "Panic Attack"? I could get it if I listen to it a few more times, I think, but I can't remember which it was. Somewhere around 5th from the end. I gold-starred a bunch of them, so that should tide my star status on the band for a while even if we just 5-star stuff. ;) BTW, that's probably the one thing I would like to eventually invite folks to do would be to help me finish out the Band challenges since I can't solo those. Sometime later, though. I'm busy Wednesday, but I'm one right now for folks that want to get in. (And to be perfectly honest, vocals just aren't that hard compared to the other instruments if you have any kind of decent pitch, the hard part is finding the best overdrive paths to maximize the score and get those gold stars. I know there are plenty of folks doing vocals out there that are far better than me.)

    EDIT: Looks like I was wrong about the gold star thing. It must just be based on ratio of score or something. Despite all the GS songs I basically added doing hte ESL2, it only took playing around on drums and getting a couple of 4 and 5 star songs on the Challenges to take away GS status on the band. Oh well. No biggie.
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    Congrats Z.

    I had a curveball thrown at me with work, so I couldn't make it on tonight.
    I'll add everyone later this week, or at some point when I can get on for an hour or so.
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    That's cool. My schedule for this week is pretty tight. I may be on some tomorrow night, but Wednesday & Thursday I won't be on. I might be on Friday night and I might be on Saturday before 2pm. Sunday is the most likely day for me to be on during the day and maybe that night, too. Actual schedule may vary. ;)
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    Hey guys I work shift work so there is a lot of times I am home during the day. If anyone else has any times when they can play during the day Look for me. I have lots of time when the kids are at school and so forth.
  • 5ivewire5ivewire Unsigned
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    Hey all - just thought i'd say hi & check out the "old man band" group.
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    Everytime I think I'm gonna play, something comes up, I'm so jealous of you guys. I have an other issue too, I can never view my messages in my inbox. When I try to view them, I see the message for a second then it dissapears. Anyone else have this issue?

    It's super annoying. Sorry to anyone who left me a message and thinks I'm ignoring them. I am able to accept freind requests.

    BTW, I'm 32 and have a wife and a newborn who is adorable but sucks away my free time. I have to surrender to her cuteness. But I think I may be able to muster up an hour tonight for some daddy rock band time. I want to see if anything was updated on the music store as well. I'm going to try to play right when I get home from work. 5:30-7pm EST or somewhere around there, I'll add everyone who I haven't added already, ennis, megatron, I think i have mostly everyone else, I'll have my laptop up and try to synch everything. I feel like I haven't played in ages, it's only been like two weeks. lol
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    Hey Kev,
    Congrats on the new baby, you're going to be in my boat with having to bail at a moments notice but everyone here's been understanding of that. I usually can't play until at least 10 est so I'm jealous too. I did get an opportunity to play yesterday during daylight hours, slight improvement to the skill set when I'm not half asleep. Don't know about the inbox thing, haven't had any issues with mine other than messages that are a few days old still come up "new".
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    hey guys looks like todays dlc is a bust 4 of the 6 songs are curropt and they are working on them . I downloaded "gimmie three steps" just to find out that it will not play locks up the wii etc.. and I am on my way to tampa so no rockband for me untill I get back thursday. Kev i also am 32 just turned yesterday looking forward to playing some sessions with all of you when I get back. I played for a couple hours today man it's fun!! I know I mentioned I work shift work earlier. I am a locomotive engieer , "I drive trains" but if anybody is home from work or whatever look me up, my hours vary drasticly.
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    Ennis, I usually get off of work around 3pm CST, although I usually check email and such and don't often hop on RB2 until later (when more folks tend to be on) but I can try to make an effort to get on early some days. Indeed on some of those days I said I won't be on, I may be able to get on for a little bit at around 3:30-4:00pm-ish CST.

    5ivewire, you looking to get in on the action with the rest of us old (well, ok, mainly just over 30s) folk? If so just post a friend code (you won't get inundated with friend request on your Wii because you and the other person have to already have each others' codes in your system to see each other, so it's not a big deal to post it since you can still be very selective on your own with who to add.) It's not like we've got a committed band or anything, just folks who'd like to jam together whenever they happen to be on and try not to disconnect in the middle of songs and such, like you often get in the pickup bands. Other then that I think we're pretty casual and have no problems with folks playing on whatever difficulty settings they like! If that's a fit for you, just let us know. My FC is right down below if you want to add me.

    Kev, I hear you on the when you can play thing. Part of being in that old folks crowd tends to mean limited time to get on, so lots of us will often miss each other, unfortunately. Still I should be on tonight, I hope, so look for me. They are supposed to have added 6 songs, see:

    "Here's a list of the DLC coming to the Wii on Tuesday Jan 27th.

    Smashing Pumpkins - Siva
    The Cars - Just What I Needed
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Three Steps
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tell Me Baby
    Oasis - Live Forever
    30 Seconds to Mars - Attack

    Each track will be 200 Wii Points."

    I think I will need to get a few of those. Definitely "Gimme Three Steps" and "Just What I Needed" if nothing else.

    As for the blank page thing, I sometimes get that, but I find all I have to do is hit the back button on my browser and it will all pop up just fine. Optionally you could try another browser, if you are on Internet Explorer, for example, you could try Firefox or Opera instead. (I mostly use Opera, just for the lower resource footprint, but I like Firefox quite a bit for functionality and the add-ins.)
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    Zarlor, it was fun playing with you and Pubknight

    The wife kicked me off after a couple hours, sorry I sucked so bad on You Can Go Your Own Way. I like that song, but can't seem to get the hang of it on hard.

    I downloaded Just what I needed, it worked fine for me. I like the Cars a lot so I was happy to see it on there. I'm looking forward to No Doubt stuff next.
  • zarlorzarlor Opening Act
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    Yeah, I was upset on You Can Go Your Own Way because if it let us go for just another beat I could have hit overdrive to save you. I wish PubKnight would have let us go one more time on it. No biggie. Next time we need to hop into your band instead. (EDIT: THat's not a knock on PubKnight, BTW, I just meant that in your band you could pick some of the songs you like playing and/or are comfortable with and such.)

    I also got Live Forever on the DLC, so I've got a pretty good song list so far. I like doing the DLC stuff when someone makes up set lists. At least we know that, olther than the freebie stuff, it's all songs we probably like well enough.
  • PubknightPubknight Road Warrior
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    That was frustrating on Go Your Own Way... I could literally see the fill section coming, and I think after that we would have been fine... sorry I pulled the plug on it, I thought twice was enough.
    That's one of the downsides though to having someone drive a band over quickplay... at least with quickplay everyone can take turns picking songs.
    (Although, in my defense, that was a Mystery Set List... I didn't pick those songs)

    That was fun though, I'm glad I had a chance to play with Kev again.
    (And of course Z, it's always a pleasure to play with you)
    Earlier, I had just logged on, and Kev had sent me an invite... no warm ups, went in cold... and the last time I played 2 days ago, I played on Breakneck Speed.
    So, I proceeded to fail out on Chop Suey twice in about the first 40 seconds of the song. (had never failed it before)
    I was glad of the chance to play with him again and redeem myself a bit.

    I would have no problem in playing with others bands... it doesn't have to be mine.
    In fact, I would prefer to play in others bands at different times, so I don't feel like I"m hogging everything.

    I added Larvitar and ennis tonight by the way.
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    I didn't know on quickplay people can take turns and play different songs. That is pretty cool. I kind of like that. Either way, I wouldn't mind you guys coming and playing in my band. Zarlor, you're already a member of it. :D

    I meant to add PubKnight when we were playing together last night but I had t leave, some friends came over. I think I need to try playing just the bass on hard, and stay with medium for the guitar for awhile until I get my rhythm back. I am super rusty. You guys really helped me when i was playing on hard, by getting the overdrives. On one song I totally did a bonehead move, pub had a solo and I was watching him then didn't realized some notes started coming on my side, I had to go into overdrive and hit some notes so I wouldn't fail out.

    As for DLC I have
    Just what I needed
    Call Me
    The 20 free ones
    Thinking about getting Margaritaville, that will be a good one for when we have really old people over. :p I guess I'm just trying to hide I like that song too. :cool:

    It was fun playing with you guys, I look forward to playing again. I hope they release the AC/DC songs as DLC as well. I want to play Thunderstruck BAD...
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    I thought of another thing, instead of us just guessing what everyone wants to play, let's lis the songs we really like, then we'll have an idea of what to play when we're all online. I like them all really but I do have my personal favorites.

    Beck "E-Pro
    Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want
    Alanis Morissette "You Oughta Know
    Alice in Chains "Man in the Box
    Billy Idol "White Wedding Pt. I
    Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer"
    Disturbed "Down with the Sickness
    Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf
    Fleetwood Mac "Go Your Own Way-even though I can't play it on hard.
    Jimmy Eat World "The Middle-kind of played out
    Journey "Anyway You Want It"
    Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son
    Megadeth "Peace Sells
    Modest Mouse "Float On
    Norman Greenbaum "Spirit in the Sky
    Pearl Jam-Alive
    Rise Against "Give it All
    Silversun Pickups "Lazy Eye
    Smashing Pumpkins "Today
    Social Distortion "I Was Wrong
    Soundgarden "Spoonman
    Steve Miller Band "Rock'n Me
    System of a Down "Chop Suey
    Survivor "Eye of the Tiger
    Let there be rock is cool, but I don't like that break in the song, when he's like let there be light, sound, drums, I get impatient.

    I like the ones I've downloaded as well,
    Cars-Just what I needed, I'm really tempted to get Boston's More Than a Feeling,
    Blonde-Call me is good.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers-Snow
    I need to look at what else is on DLC
  • PubknightPubknight Road Warrior
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    That's a good idea Kev, about the song preferences.
    I actually like almost every song in the game, but there are a handful I don't.
    The free dlc songs I don't like, I deleted... but there were only about 5 of them... I *really* like the rest of the free dlc songs that I kept.
    Other songs I don't like are:
    - A Jagged Gorgeous Winter
    - Spirit in the Sky
    - Rob the Prez-O-Dent
    - Ace of Spades
    - Visions
    - Painkiller
    - Battery

    And maybe I'm slow and everybody else already knew this:
    - if you're in quickplay, or even the 'make a setlist' thing, when you are looking at the full list of songs... I'm sure everyone knows you can sort it different ways. One of the sorting ways is "by location", so it splits up your dlc and your on-disc songs. (the dlc is at the top)
    - now, as for what I just realized last night (again, I'm a little slow) is songs that everyone in your current band has as listed in white lettering... where songs that not everyone has are listed in grey. So you don't have to do what I usually do which is continuing to pick songs and getting the message that "You can't play that song until everyone in your band has purchased it". It's easy to tell what dlc matches between everybody.
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    I found that too, when I first downloaded the DLC, I wanted to play Snow with someone, but no one had it. I hear you about Ace of Spades, I did like that song but the radio station played it way too much.

    I didn't now about the sorting thing until you did that last night while we were playing. I'm going to sort mine like that too.
  • suebee3340suebee3340 Unsigned
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    What time you guys play, again???

    I thought I had some of you in my Friend list, but maybe I don't. The only people I ever seem to catch up with are 5ivewire and FurryIceCream.

    By the way, I played with 5ivewire and his wife Candy the other night, he is strictly bass and she prefers drums. I prefer guitar. The three of us made a good band and were racking up so many points and kept hitting unison. We were constantly in overdrive. It actually became difficult to follow my notes with all the flashing and the background clutter.

    I just need to get off playing Medium all the time. I think I am ready to try playing Hard on some songs. I score 90 something all the time, now. But, when people pick a multiple song set I won't play Hard because I am afraid to get stuck on a song that I can't play at all.... and fail over and over again - ruining the whole entire set...
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    Hi Sue,

    Usually the playing begins around 6-7PM EST. I doubt I'll be on tonight, but maybe some of the others will be. Have fun.
  • megatronmegatron Opening Act
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    Sounds like an epic jam session, the crowd was still going crazy when the second act hit the stage at 11. Tried to get my stuff done to accept PK & Z's invites but didn't want to join until I knew I was free and clear, unfortunately you guys were out by then. Please keep sending the invites, I usually turn RB on once the kids are off the wii so it's ready to go when I am (& to add dlc before I play). Thanks for the invites M & 5string, E-Pro is one of the easier songs I struggle mightily with, crazy that you each picked that as the opener (sorry for my performance which stunk but I will master it eventually).

    Kev, the AC/DC pack is awesome (and I'm not a big AC/DC fan, can't get past the schoolboy outfit). If you don't have it I highly recommend it. All the songs are challenging but still fun to play with tons of energy (being live tracks doesn't hurt either). Thunderstruck's opening is very challenging, I have to use a clip to hold down the green just to get through it on expert.

    Got Lost tonight but will try to get on after, let me know or send me an invite if you're going to be on (10:30 ish est)
  • megatronmegatron Opening Act
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    Hey Sue, I'll add you when I get on later. Know what you mean about overdrive getting in the way, more times than not I lose my streak when kick it in.

    As far as difficulty goes, I cool with whatever anyone wants to play. No big deal if you fail, I'm not in it for the fans/points, just to have a good time. All the better if we're challenging ourselves, the points will come as we all get better (except for Z's vocals, sounds like he's maxed out there).
  • zarlorzarlor Opening Act
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    Oh I still have plenty of songs I could do better on. Consistency isn't always there on some of them. I've done pretty good on Tangled Up In Blue before, for example (and I think I'm even in the Top 10 on Shakler's Revenge, go figure) but I can't consistently keep it above 95%. A few of the free DLC songs I just haven't heard enough to keep it in the 90th percentile and none of them am I familiar enough with to get 100% on.

    PubKnight and I were discussing ways to try and coordinate Overdrive, since both Vocals and Drums are limited on when they can kick it in, but that's about the extent of point hunting I've done. I'd just like to figure out a good rule of thumb and so far I think just trying to watch for when drums are at half-full is the time to try and kick it in if I can. We've been thinking that another option might be for the vocalist just to stick to the optimum vocal path and generally ignore the drums on taht front, but taht the guitar would kick when the drums do and the bassist would kick when the vocalist does. Don't know. Just some thoughts, but when all is said and done as long as its fun who really cares.

    As for what I like... Some of the DLC freebies are pretty good, but I'm not really all that comfortable with any of them. Any of the pay DLC stuff I have I got because I really enjoy, though, although Perfect Drug is nasty on Vocals, they actually set pitches to stuff that Trent Reznor is whispering for crying out loud! (I've thought of getting Snow and maybe ...And Justice For All, but I'm still on the fence for getting those, but know that I know you've got Snow, Kev, I may get that one.)

    Of the regular songs I guess I don't like Alabama Getaway (never been a Grateful Dead fan), Tangled Up In Blue, Shacker's Revenge, Peace Sells, Rob the Prez-o-Dent, Visions (I like the driving drum beat and guitars of Death Metal, but the non-existant vocals are downright annoying) and I despise anything by the Beastie Boys (but at least they are mind-numbingly easy,so I can live with it, plus I just change the "lyrics", if you can call them that, to exclaim how much I despise the Beastie Boys. ;)) Most everyting else I'm at least OK with (not so hot on how I do with E-Pro, but I kinda like the song anyway), but most of the song selection pretty much rocks in my book.

    Megatron, on the invites, I didn't want to keep sending them thinking you might get annoyed with any more. But now that I know you are cool with it I'll just send them at occasional intervals. I figured when you were ready you'd send one in return and we'd hook up in your band and go that way. My voice was a bit fried from doing the ESL2 on Monday, though, and I was a bit tired to I bugged out a bit early yesterday.

    As for times, Suebee, I think we talked about that in PMs. Sounds like you are mostly on later than I am, but I like to be outta the house by 6:30 am, so I've got a fairly early bedtime (but at least I get off work pretty early, too!) So on any given weekday I might be on as early as 3:30pm CT until as late as 10:00pm CT. Though probably not on Thursdays or Fridays (although I may be on this Friday anyway). And tonight I'm booked as well. Saturdays are varied on when and if I can be on. Sundays I'll usually be on in the evenings, but I may be on during the day at times as well.

    Don't forget if you send an invite but don't get a quick response that it may be because I'm with someone in a set of songs (or I may have even missed seeing it.) So don't worry about sending other invites to me every now and again.

    You also mentioned 5iveWire, but he hasn't posted an FC here, has he? If so I can add him in, might give us more chances to get a full band going on occasion, after all.
  • ennis1437ennis1437 Unsigned
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    For those of you who did not know when you added me to your friends list my online name is v3. Great duel pubknight! I sent you a pm . I look forward to playing some more later tonight. Maybe there will be enough of us to get a full band going!
  • Kev2380Kev2380 Opening Act
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    ennis1437;1886808 said:
    For those of you who did not know when you added me to your friends list my online name is v3. Great duel pubknight! I sent you a pm . I look forward to playing some more later tonight. Maybe there will be enough of us to get a full band going!
    Ennis, I tried to invite you a couple times last night. I never saw you come into the match making place.
  • PubknightPubknight Road Warrior
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    ennis1437;1886808 said:
    For those of you who did not know when you added me to your friends list my online name is v3. Great duel pubknight! I sent you a pm . I look forward to playing some more later tonight. Maybe there will be enough of us to get a full band going!
    Yeah, you caught me a bit offguard switching to Expert.
    I've never really score dueled before... it's kind of different.

    I'll be on tonight for sure.
  • ennis1437ennis1437 Unsigned
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    I apreciate the invite Kev , But That was not me last night my kids where playing. So If I do not answer that usually means that the wife or kids are playing rock band.
  • zarlorzarlor Opening Act
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    Ah. I sent a few invites to you as well earlier in the afternoon, but I just figured you were already busy or had another pick-up band going or something. I've been trying a bit to get on a little earlier to catch you since you mentioned that as a pretty decent time. I'm sure we'll get it sometime.
  • PubknightPubknight Road Warrior
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    I'm still going to play for a bit tonight... nice games Z and Kev.
    I just need a bit of a break (Teenage Riot wipes me out).

    I'll be back in 30 mins or so.

    A bit of a general thought though, since I think we all have each other added now... regardless or whomevers band we are playing in at the time... we should get in the habit of going back to the lobby periodically to see if anyone else is around that we can invite.

    And maybe if you get an invite, but you are in a set... when you get out of your set, fire an invite back as a signal you are available again.

    I dunno... just brainstorming... what do you folks think?
    It would be great to play with a true full band... I think so far I've only done it like twice since I got the game.
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