The Old Man Band (Players Over 30)


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    zarlor;1826103 said:
    BTW, one request. When you guys do something like select a song or make a setlist, would you do me a favor if I'm in the band and wait a sec for the song you're picking to play a few bars first? I don't always remember songs by their names and that gives me a sec to refamiliarize myself with which song it is and to look at my cheat sheet for optimal OD paths.

    Also on things that are multiple song list (other than the Mystery Set Lists, obviously) if you could hit that 2 button for me so I can grab a glimpse of what songs we will be doing that would be helpful to. Same if you pick a Band Challenge (anyone up for doing the Storyteller's Challenge if we can get at least a 3-person band on?) At any rate, that would be a big help for me and also lets me know if maybe I should just pick hard for songs I don't know or barely know (if they have the difficulty levels listed that can help to, since I can usually get away with staying on Expert even if I don't know the song if it's under a 2 dot difficulty.)

    Don't sweat the OD stuff. I would like for us to do it at the same time but I don't really care about score or what not. I just like playing. What I try to do is get my bar about 75% of the way then on the last notes that give you that last %25 I activate OD. Usually that lasts all the way until the next OD notes and I can extend it a little.

    I'll give you a chance to listen to the bars next time. It was fun jamming with you. Next time we'll have to get pub involved. The thing that really sucks about RB2 is if someone gets disconnected do we all stop and try to pick them back up? We don't know why the disconnected, or what happened and you lose fans when you end a gig, not a big deal but that can add up if you keep dropping out. I have had a few people get disconnected like what happened to you PUB, I've only been able to play with 3 other online people one time. Maybe my internet connection is not strong enough to handle that many people. We'll have to test it again.

    Do you guys have AOL IM? Or another messenging program, we could meet up on that first and decide who's going to host a game and what we'd like to play. I know that seems a little more complicated but it could add some communication.

    My baby was born last night, so I'm not sure how much I'll be playing, she'll probably sleep a lot and I'm taking this week off, so I should be on at random times. If I am I probably won't play long, probably a hour here or there. Holler at me, if there is a set time you guys wanna play.
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    The scores aren't that big of a deal, but can be fun to try and kock up points on anyway. But esp[ecially without a full band it makes no real difference. Solo or 4-person is the only place you'll really notice scores like on the Leaderboards. (I've actually got a few in the Top 20s, I think I even have a couple of #1 spots, on solo vocals. I'm sure that will go away quickly enough, though.)

    I don't really use any IM clients. I do like to use Team Talk 3, though. It's free for the server side as well as the client and I've used it with friends for MMORPGs before. I could set that up if folks wanted to try it out. Just send me a PM or email me at zarlor at acm dot org if anyone wants to try that and I can give you connection details. Or we could use the main server in Denmark, but it is oversees so sometimes there is a bit more lag that way. I can at aleast set up seperate speakers and a mic for that, though, so unlike having to switch my projector between PC and Wii I can just stay on the Wii and still communicate that way.

    As for set times, that's a bit harder. Thursdays are bad for me (choir practice) and Fridays are a bit iffy, as are some times on Saturdays. Most of the rest of the week I usually fit some gaming in, though. For me it will usually be after 4pm and before 10pm Central time. Sundays I'm usually pretty open for anytime.
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    Congrats Kev!

    Set times are tough for me too.
    Drums are my main thing, so I am limited a bit by the spouse.
    If she's around, I'm usually stuck with something like bass... I suck at it (medium), but I'm happy just to play along.
    Other than that it's a couple hours here and there.
    Probably the best thing is just to look for each other when we're around.

    On the dropping thing, it just seems to happen.
    I've had sessions where I've gone hours with no drops, and others where someone drops, but as you said Kev, the main problem is knowing where the problem was. I keep tweaking my wireless router as well, hoping things get better.

    We could always bounce around trying different hosts to see what is generally the most reliable.

    the other thing I will do, if we are all trying to play together, is if say I get disconnected, I'll fire off an invite letting you know I'm still around.
    Then I can just wait for a return invite.
    I will never ever leave mid set or mid song... so if that has happened, it means a disconnect.
    The problem I think we were having Sunday is I would jump into another game, then your invite would come, and when I got out of the other game your invite had expired.
    In future if we are playing and say I drop out, I'll give it like 20 mins or so (figuring you're in a set) before I jump into anything else. (or I'll kill time with the beat trainer or something I can get out of quickly)

    IM wise, I haven't got many options... my computer is on a different floor from the Wii so I have to kind of wing it.
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    Pub, great idea!!!!!

    Let's plan on that, if we're playing a set and one of us gets disconnected, wait for an invite. The people who are still playing will end the set or song then return to the matchmaking area to send out the invite. That should resolve the issue. I tried to do that the other night but I think I was patient enough.

    I waited maybe like 4minutes before starting the tour again. I like your idea, Zarlor are you ok with this?
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    Hey if you guys don't mind adding another older person??? My FC is in my signature. KEV2380 posted on another board that y'all are older...I'm almost 44 - there I've said it. Now everyone can see I'm not 21.....but, I act it....I have no kids because I am one :-) Oh well...I really like RB2 online. So addictive... Like to know I'm not just playing against a computer.
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    No problem suebee, I'lll be happy to add you.
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    I'll add you too when I get on later.

    On communications, actually that was what I was trying to do when I quit out of the band right after PubKnight was disco'ed. I figured either you could send him and invite to come back in, or maybe he wanted to send an invite so we could work on options in his band (nicely named as "Free Beer Tomorrow", btw.) I'm just as happy to join rather than run folks in my band so it's no biggie for me.

    Some things that can also work are if you have two guitarits at the selection screen if someone has been doing guitar or bass for a while and would like to change around, just flick between the two choices to let the other person know you might like to change out if they are willing. Also, I'd say that some screens we should accept that occasionally someone will hold the others up on but that if they do so it's fine because it just means they needed a quick break (grab drink, hit the bathroom, deal with the crying baby) but if it's expected to be an extended break, then dropping out may be the better option and just doing the invite thing when you're done to get back into the band.

    I'd aslo say that it's not a bad idea to send multiple invites just because sometimes, expecially in the middle of a set, it's easy to miss. Oh, and obviously that means the band leader will have to occasionally drop back to the invite screen to check if there are new invites (or even if someone else just happened to log into the game and we hadn't noticed them yet.)

    Also another option if you'd prefer to let someone else drive and you sent an invite, just drop the band after the other person joins. Whoever that was can then send the invite in return. (That's what Ill probably do most of the time, especially since I've advanced my band, Electro Hogs, to the point where I think it may be on the Hard only parts.) Or if you want to drive but get an invite, then join, drop and then send your own invite.
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    Suebee, I'll add you tonight as well... I might be on for a couple of hours.

    One other thing I wanted to mention since Sunday was my first time playing with Kev... I'm typically on Hard drums, but for our very first song, you picked Call Me... and that song just kills me.
    I'm playing hard drums on almost everything now, except the impossible stuff... but there are some lower tier things that I just can't figure out. Call Me is one of them, Jagged Gorgeous Winter, and E Pro are some of the others.... basically erratic beat patterns mess me up.
    I'll pull off 90% on them, but it's not exactly lighting it up.

    As for which band we use, makes no difference to me... if someone else has already started a session, I am fine with joining in. Advancing my band isn't that big a deal for me.
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    One thing that occured to me playing with Pub tonight on the communications thing. It's probably best if you need to take a quick break to back out to the waiting room area and just hang there until you get back. Then when you get back you can either see where everyone else is easily from that screen and go there, or you can jump into the practice space (or go wherever you want other folks to go if you're the leader). We basically did something like that when I had to take a quick break and it seemed to work pretty well, I think. (What can I say, I drink a lot of water when singing so I have semi-frequent trips to get rid of and/or get more of it. ;))

    Also I noticed that if the leader add you to their band and for some reason you or they get disco'ed you can jump right back into their band that way. Or if the leader was the one you can just wait in their band "waiting for leader" until they get back. I did that with Pub tonight after he added me and then got disconnected and it worked great!

    Oh, and PubKnight, if you want to do those vocal challenges when I'm on to get the costume or whatever, I have no problems with doing that stuff. Then again I'm pretty much up for anything. And it felt to me like we were getting into a bit of an overdrive groove a bit later in the night. Pretty cool!

    EDIT: I saw another thread (and one of the posts above where you guys talked about a set time) that got me thinking that maybe a 2-3 hour block on just one night where we can all try to make an effort to get on might help us to have a full (or close to it, anyway) band at least once a week. Maybe try out a few of the band challenges that way or what not. Maybe Wednesday evening? Not sure what the most convenient time zone would be, but maybe 6pm-9pm Central as a starting point? If nobody's interested it's not a problem, of course, but if anyone wants to give it a try with a day and/or time that works for them I'm up for giving it a shot.
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    I like the concept of a set night, I just don't know if I would be able to do it.
    For example, without boring you with too many details, I go visit my Dad once a week for dinner... he's an hour and a half away. Some weeks that's Wednesday, others it's Thursday... it depends on what's going on at work, etc, as to what day I can get down there.
    Spouse wise can be also be a challenge, since I'm on the drums.
    Let me work on some ideas and I'll get back to you.

    I know Friday night and Saturday both this week are good... if anyone wants to do anything.

    Zarlor, sorry about that one battle of the bands thing.. that storyteller one... I didn't realize it was a longest streak thing... which was kind of silly with the songs it had. I shouldn't have joined it with you and wasted your time. A longest streak challenge should be a solo challenge.

    Well, after my hard sightread on Spoonman from our session this evening, I have now decided I'm only doing hard. Sometimes I get a little freaked out, since there are some songs I just don't do well, and I drop down to medium because I don't want to look like I suck... but I figure there are a lot more I do well than those I don't... and I'm never going to improve without pushing myself... so that's it. Just hard from now on. It might mean the odd bail out by you folks on something like Painkiller, or Visions.

    But if you want to do something to put up a big score, I'll drop to medium. I tested medium versus hard on one of the battle of the band challenges... the hipster one I think, and doing it on medium I crushed the score I got on hard. Part of that was I suck at Jagged Gorgeous Winter on hard, but I think the other part is because I can do most songs on medium and might only drop 2-3 notes, max... so I get much longer streaks going, and max out my overdrive, etc. It might be song/set dependent on what my max score option could be.

    Zarlor, I'm going to let you drive that. Since I know you do everything at Expert... if you want me to do a challenge/battle/song or something on medium, highlight Medium difficulty on your difficulty select screen. I won't register my difficulty until you've locked in. But if I see you flip to Medium, then back to expert, I'll take that as my signal to play at medium. If you just lock in at expert, I'll go with hard.

    As for the vocal challenges for the costumes... I don't really care about that stuff. I haven't changed my characters outfit or anything since my 3rd day with the game. I like my dude the way he is.

    The way I play, I just kind of bounce around from one thing to the next, depends on my mood. I haven't spent a ton of time on the World Tour thing... I guess I probably should start spending more attention on that.
    I do like doing the battle of the bands challenges though, since they always change.... and I figure if I don't do one, that I've "missed" something.

    And Zarlor, I really like playing with you. I'm leaving you in my band, if that's ok with you. I think it will make it much easier to link up online. And you're right, the staging area thing we were doing works quite well. The other thing that also worked, is from that screen, if one of us drops out... using that as a signal to 'switch bands'.... unless of course the drop out was due to having to go... which will be obvious since the person will no longer be online if they needed to go. And the switching bands periodically I think is only fair, to knock off challenges/venues/battles, etc for each.

    I think the only thing hurting any OD stuff we do is that I have absolutely no idea on vocals. That link you gave a couple pages ago with the drum paths. Did you have something like that for vocal paths? Then I can at least give it a once over to try and understand your side of things better. I think drummer/vocalist is the hardest pairing to try to match up OD, since we are the only ones limited with when we can engage it. Given the difficulties with it, I thought we did ok.

    ok... that's a lot of typing... and I'm all over the place.
    so I should stop now.
    Another fun night Z, thanks again.

    (And I would be up for trying the endless setlist with you by the way... though I don't know what happens with that if someone disconnects. And I would have to try it on hard, otherwise I would get bored out of my mind.... and that could make some of the last few songs dicey. Up to you. I would totally understand if you wanted to go at it solo)
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    On the Storyteller battle, it's actually a pretty fun battle, but if you didn't realize the "band" we were playing against was mine! (I think it selects the lowest score if you've never played it OR the lowest friend score for you to compete against.) So doing that solo (at least on vocals) isn't worth it at all. I think it combines streaks and that's how you rack up the score there, so I think that one is actually better with a full band. At any rate it wasn't a waste of time. I do all the battles as well myself, and doing many of them solo (or sometimes just doing them on Medium like I tend to do when doing instruments) is more of a time waster then that, but it's still a lot of fun so I'm always game!

    As for the Hard/Medium thing, I wouldn't sweat it at all. Just always push yourself with Hard (there are more than a few songs I do that with on Vocals! If I get less than 95%, chances are I don't really know that song but decided to try it at Expert anyway. I think I had one song where I actually went red on you.) If we have to do bailouts or whatever, that's cool. It's not a problem at all for me. I like playing with the OD stuff, but I just enjoy jamming more than anything. It's just not that big of a deal.

    As for the Vocal pathing:

    That's the trhead I've been working from. I haven't even started to try to optimize any of those paths further (and some of them definitely can be optimized further, if the scores other folks are posting are any indication) and I haven't even started on the DLC stuff at all, yet. Sometimes you need to do something like that not just for an optimal path, but just for a sane one because some songs will lock you into not being able to use any saved energy if you don't use it in the right spot or if you do something like use it before you go into the tapping sections (the big round dots instead of vocals is for tapping out that rhythm on the mic) then it pretty much gets wasted. Those are good sections for the rest of the band to use their OD on, though, if they are long because it's a definite section where the vocalist just won't be able to go into OD. My problem is getting down the squeeze. Sometimes I'll try to kick off OD but it doesn't go off on time. So I miss it and then get stuck with hitting OD lines that I won't be able to use because I'm already full and such. I had plenty of those screw-ups earlier in the night.

    Finaly on set days I just threw out Wednesday as someplace to start from. If Wed., Thur. is though for you (Thursday is definitely a no-go for me) Then maybe Monday or Tuesday or Sunday. Fridays are tough for me and Saturdays I can only do every other Saturday evening (and that is if nothing else pops up.) But Sunday-Wednesday I'm usually free, especially now that football season is over, or at least now that the Saints are no longer playing for this year. ;)

    Oh on the Endless Setlist, thanks for helping me unlock that. But I'd be really worried about trying to do that online. I mean it's all 84 songs in one set. So that would be around 2-3 hours depending on load times, I think. Chances of a disco happening I would expect would be pretty high. Although I suppose I could just it that + key and save the set to continue later. I noticed you had that on one of your Challenges. I wonder if I can do that on a World Tour setlist...
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    yeah, was scouting around a bit, and it seems as though people advise against doing the endless setlist online, due to disconnects.
    I'm just starting with my world tour stuff, so I don't know if you can save sets mid-progress like you can with the challenges.

    I'm going to negotiate with the wife about a set rock band time.
    May want to wait on including me in those plans though... Feb 4th I have a hip surgery scheduled (original thread title is the Old Man Band after all), so I would imagine I'm off drums for at least 3 weeks.
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    Good luck with the surgery! However that souldn't stop you from playing the drums. Just shorten the set so you can play from bed and have your wife hit the kick pedal for you. That way she can join in on the fun too and you can get her hooked on playing Rock Band with you! >:)

    I checked on saving mid-set, though, and the tour mode doesn't let you do that, I'm sorry to say.
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    Hey guys, glad you are still having fun. I've been MIA for awhile with the new baby. Not sure when I'll get to play. Hopefully in a week or so when things get on a routine.
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    Hope things are going ok with the new baby.

    If Rock Central ever comes back up, is anyone around tonight?
    Wifey is away for work, so I was planning a marathon session.

    As a side note, I'm making some pretty good progress.
    I'm only doing Hard drums now, and doing pretty well.
    The only songs where failure is a threat are some of the more insane level 6 drum stuff (I'm looking at you, Ace of Spades).
    There are a couple lower tier ones that screw me up (Jagged Gorgeous Winter-3 star), but otherwise, I'm almost an automatic 5 star... with some 4 star songs where I "just miss" 5 stars.
    So, I think I'm only Hard drums from now on... unless there is one of those big end World Tour type sets that's all level 6 drum songs... or a battle of the bands that measures on streaks or something.

    Haven't played with anyone else this week though, I'm missing playing with you folks.

    Some random things: I picked up a 4gb sd card, and there is a "padding" trick that works well, so you can trick your Wii into using a 4gb card. I'm using it and it's working great.
    Here is the link I followed to figure out how to do it:

    And if you guys are interested in tracking your personal scores/stars at all, there is a really cool filemaker program a guy came up with... it works standalone even if you don't have Filemaker.
    Takes a bit to set up for the songs you have initially, but the time investment is worth it, IMHO.
    Here is the link to the thread, with the instructions, etc.
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    Hey, just saw the thread & I think I qualify (over 30, 3.3 kids). Play mostly expert guitar/bass, was looking to start playing more drums but only on med for that. Vocals give my wife the final push to have me committed. Usually can't play until 10pm est. If you're still taking applications let me know
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    No applications needed, megatron. Just add all the freind codes you like from this thread and we'll be happy to do the same. It's not like we've really got a real regular band here, or anything, just folks who are willing to hook up, not disconnect on each other (not deliberately, anyway) and have no problems with folks playing at varying levels of abilities. I'll add you to mine when I get a chance.

    Unfortunately I won't have that chance tonight (gaming night with the guys... think of it as Poker night, if you prefer). Tomorrow I have plans around 3pm-6pm or so, but I may play some during the morning and probably in the evening. Sunday I'll probably at least check in throughout the day. All of that is assuming my disc drive doesn't die on me in the interim (it's starting to sound rough). If I get a replacement drive I that that might change my Wii's address, so I may end up with a new FC (hopefully not, though.) We'll see. As for after 10pm EST, though.... I might be on at that time for about an hour, but 10pm CST is my bedtime. :( Gotta get up early for work and all.

    PubKnight, nice link on that 4GB SD card. I've got a 2GB card in there now, but I think I will definitely have to try that one out!

    EDIT: Apparently I spoke too soon. Looks like a couple of the guys are sick, so game night is cancelled. So I should be on for tonight.
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    megatron;1856318 said:
    Hey, just saw the thread & I think I qualify (over 30, 3.3 kids). Play mostly expert guitar/bass, was looking to start playing more drums but only on med for that. Vocals give my wife the final push to have me committed. Usually can't play until 10pm est. If you're still taking applications let me know
    Heya megatron,

    Tried to add you, but it said your FC was not valid.
    I entered 4152-5555-5796
    Don't know if that's a Rock Central issue, a typo on my part (will try again), or the wrong number in your sig.
    Can you verify your FC?

    Zarlor - I'll look for you.
    What time are you figuring you will be on, and what do you feel like doing tonight?
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    oops, its:
    sorry for being an anchor
    I'll add you guys when I get up and running tonight
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    No problem, I'll add your new code when I get back in shortly.

    PK, I had to laugh when you picked that mystery setlist and Ace of Spades popped up, since you had just mentioned it on this thread as one of those nemesis songs! (And then I couldn't sing it straight enough to keep you in... boy did I feel stoopid. I was having a blast with it, though!) Of course, the next mystery setlist you picked had one of my nemesis songs on it... Shakler's Revenge. I'm not fond of Axel Rose as it is and finding what friggin' note the game thinks we're supposed to sing never seems to match what it sound like Axel is doing. I just hate that song!

    At any rate I'll be back on in a bit and just about up for anything. Keep playing it on Hard, man! You'll get those killer songs (although I think I'd be exhausted after drumming some of those.) Now if only I could get my vocals together tonight. I was doing bad for me on more than a few of those. :(

    BTW, I swapped out to a working drive on my Wii and it didn't affect my FC or anything, so it's all good now.
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    Don't know if you saw my PM, but I had to bail as my entire right leg started to cramp up during Bad Reputation.
    I'm back around though.
    Oh, and I thought of a code, tell me if this would work... at the start of any song, it's always kind of a freeform for drums... I know you can't hear anything, but I'm hoping you can see the flashes.
    If a song coming up is one I should be good on, I'll hit green a bunch of times in a row to signal I'm good.
    If it's an evil song for me, I'll do the same with Red, so you know I might be looking for some help.

    Yeah, couldn't believe that with Ace of Spades... that just ticked me right off.
    Literally one of a handful of songs I just can't even pass, and it comes up in the first set we play.

    What time do you think you might be back on?
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    i can play for a few right now but will have to drop when kids get home.
  • megatronmegatron Opening Act
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    sorry, had to drop, will be back on later
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    Heya Megatron,
    Kept trying to invite you back in after your disconnect.
    Zarlor and I play together a lot, you should try another session with us sometime.
    Usually with me on hard drums and him doing expert vocals, we're an automatic 5 star... only rarely will we four star something.
    With a fuller band, we could probably put up some pretty good numbers.
    Hope you try to play with us again sometime.
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    Sorry we missed you after that first set with the disconnect, megatron. Hopefully next time. You could also just send any of us the invites to join on your band if you prefer. I personally prefer to get into other bands rather than do my own, so feel free to send me invites anytime.

    PK, on the code thing, yeah I suppose that could work, although to be honest if you start to have problems on a song it's usually pretty noticeable, at least when I'm doing vocals, so I'll just try to kick in with the OD boosts sooner if I can. Not really a big deal (it's kinda fun, actually.)

    I did think, though, that one cool thing I think I enjoy is when someone does the Create a Setlist thing if you pick the downloaded songs that we happen to have in common. At least those songs (the ones that are not the Freebies, anyway) you can be pretty sure are songs that we'll all like since we bothered to pay to download them. I also noticed that they added a few songs to the Wii setlist, but didn't really post it anywhere. I picked up the Jimmy Buffet songs (something of a secret shame for an otherwise committed metalhead, I suppose. ;)) Not that anyone else needs to get them, mind you, I just noticed that they were not there when the store first opened.

    Good long set tonight! I should be on some tomorrow and definitely on Sunday (though definitely not this late on Sunday.)

    And 5 starring... yeah we can usually do prety well with that, although I have trouble with a few songs (especially those Freebie DLC songs... I just don't know them at all yet!) Shakler's Revenge and Rob the Prez-O-Dent are two pains in my keester that come to mind, though. (I can;t believe I did so bad on some of those songs tonight, though. Under 97% on Psycho KIller and Mountain Song for crying out loud? That's really bad for me on those songs.)
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    Wasn't able to get back on the other day until late. I'll always be in danger of having to drop anytime I play before 10 est so sorry in advance. Will be out most of the day today but will will be on tonight if anyone else is up for some sets.

    As far as dlc goes, I've got all the free stuff and a few others (simple & working man, ajfa, a few others). My biggest issue is I have track pack 1 & with the issues w/HMX I'm not real excited about re-buying those songs just yet.
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    I turn 32 tomorrow and have played real drums for many years even went to school for music but am farley new to rockband I just got it at the begining of the year and it took a while to get used to "video game drums but it came around pretty quick and can play mostly hard and some expert depends on the song . If anyone would like to add me to play or start a tour or whatever I am in! My friend code is 123197801922 pm me if you add me and I will add you.
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    Megatron, Yeah I hear you on essentially paying for those songs again. But, at least the RB2 versions have online play, so if you want to jam in a band and your friends or family aren't around to pick up the other instruments at least you can do so with the RB2 versions. It still annoys me paying $2 per song, though. BTW, if you have the need to drop out at a moments notice it's probably best if you get an invite to accept, immediately drop out and then send an invite in return. That way we play in your band and if the leader drops out it doesn't leave everyone hanging with an insturment gone and having to fail out and loss of fans and all of that. It'll just dump everyone without losing all of that.

    Ennis, I'll add you. PubKnight has been playing drums pretty heavily with me, but a lot of us on this thread seem to have varied times when we play so there are always a need for a variety of folks, I find. Personally I just add everyone on this thread as folks who don't mind if people want to play at lower difficulties at times, who won't normally drop out in the middle of songs (waiting until the ends of sets and such, instead) and are otherwise not obsessed with score (even though PubKnight and I have recently started trying out some stuff on optomizing drums with vocals for Overdrive paths but that's just for fun and our own edification.) So feel free to add me in and invite me if you see me on!
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    Ennis, I'll add when I get back on tonight.

    Thanks for the info on dropping, I'll do that from now on.
  • zarlorzarlor Opening Act
    edited January 2009
    Ennis, fun jam man. I think you should push yourself a little more, though. I think you could have done just fine on Hard on a couple of those songs (unless you were just trying to tell me you didn't like that song and wanted to do something else. I started to back out to the selection menu a couple of times, but you went ahead and selected your difficulty anyway. So sorry if I misread any of that.)

    I have to admit, though, that having done the online Quickplay now that I don't think I'm as fond of that. It seems with using a Band in tour mode you have a little more flexibility to get back to the top menu and see if anyone else got on that you could invite in and sit there for a short bit if you need a break or anything like that. (Hmm... maybe going into the Rock Shop would be a good indicator that someone wants to stay in the band but needs a quick break, now that I think about it...) So yeah, I think I prefer band mode. I'll do ANYTHING on Expert (even if I only get into the upper-80s, low 90-th percentile on some songs... I know because PubKnight MADE me play them on Expert once. Apparently he is a bit cruel that way. ;)). So I'm fine with being in someone else's band and doing tours or challenges or battles. I'll usually send invites just to let folks know I'm on, but otherwise just feel free to send me an invite and I'll be happy to join in and help out wherever.
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