Rock Blog Friday 07/06/07

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Things are insane over here. Have you ever seen a movie that has, like, Cape Canaveral headquarters or the place in WarGames in it and it comes to the climax in the movie and everyone is working wicked hard but not actually sitting down? It's like that, only with free cake and pie Fridays. Wait, did Dabney Coleman offer free cake and pie in WarGames?

Of note- Harmonix is going to be taking part in an Xfire Music Week chat on July 18th. More details to follow next week.

Blogs- Folks may be busy but not too busy to blog. Actually I think the first persistent band I make when the game comes out will be called "Too Busy To Blog", maybe "2 Busy 2 Blog"... anyone want in? I call dibs on vocals. Anyways - today we have a new blog from the ever evasive DanT who is secretly taking pictures of Harmonix whiteboards and the high level secrets contained on them with his brand new iPhone. Truthfully, I don't even know if he works here anymore but anytime we catch him taking photos he scoots back up into the ceiling nest he calls home. Next we have the new QA blog. This time they take us on an exciting and informative trip through the HMX photo gallery wing and enlighten on the treasures contained. Enjoy!

DanT Takes Spy Photos, But Alas No 3G

QA Gives Hourly Tours of Art Wing


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