Fogey's Best Guitar Instrumental, Battle #3 Progressive & Fusion

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Here's a battle for the proggies out there, got some nice tracks from bands you may recognize, and some great fusion tracks! (because of course, fusion helped inspire progressive rock bands)

This was more difficult than you can imagine, not only finding great instrumental tracks and narrowing them down to 10, but, most of the most amazing progressive instrumentals either don't have guitar in them, or are more keyboard-driven than guitar-driven (not that there is anything wrong with that :) )

Here are 10 tracks ranging from fusion to prog from 1969 to 1998, hope you enjoy them and, if you like them, try out more from the bands!
OldFogey said:
Have a listen -- then VOTE FOR AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!

Peaches En Regalia – Frank Zappa (1969 from Hot Rats)

Sylvia – Focus (1972 from Focus III)

A Love Supreme – Santana/McLaughlin (1973 from Love Devotion Surrender)

Red – King Crimson (1974 from Red)

Bundles - Soft Machine (1975 from Bundles)
[thanks to Fogey for digging this one up]

Race With the Devil on A Spanish Highway – Al Di Meola (1977 from Elegant Gypsy)

Heavy Tune – Gong (1978 from Expresso II)

Ice – Camel (1979 from I Can See Your House From Here)

Neural Rust – Porcupine Tree (1997 from Insignificance)

Epilogue – Opeth (1998 from My Arms, Your Hearse)


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