Cannot sync 2nd guitar with Rockband 1 band kit

gqami6gqami6 Unsigned
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Hello, I got a 2nd guitar for the holidays, and I'm trying to sync it up with the Rockband 1 band kit (drums, mic, and one guitar) and all I get is the following:

- Guitar blinks 4 blue lights
- When I sync it up (white button on guitar) and button on dongle, it syncs the one guitar, whereas the other guitar that was just synced up now blinks 4 lights.

So my question, why can't I get both guitars synched with one dongle that came with the band kit? Any ideas? Do I need to have the dongle plugged into the usb hub instead of plugged into the Wii?

Please help...I'm stressing about this. Thank you.


  • Kfox0963Kfox0963 Unsigned
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    yes. the box that allows the guitar to sync must be plugged in the little box that has for slots. not the Wii's.
  • gqami6gqami6 Unsigned
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    Nobody can spell in these forums. :)

    Ok, i'll plug the rock band dongle into the usb hub in one of the "four" ports and see if that works. I like how they don't put any information anywhere to do this in their manuals or online.
  • SirMadDawgSirMadDawg Unsigned
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    You do have two dongles right? You need one wireless dongle for each guitar you are adding, and should have received one with each. (sorry if it is obvious, just recall something being said about 1).
    I too have Rockband 1 kit and just recently bought a RockBand 2 Guitar to add to my band kit. I have really no problem at all with all 4 devices working together. I will admit the odd time I have to fudge with the guitars, but usually turn them off for a few seconds and turn them back on, or do this one at a time. Turn on the one, get it established, then work on the second one.

    It will work, just play around with it.
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