Who is the second coming of leftover_crack

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Since he has basically all but left the forums, there have been numerous people that seem to be dying to take this title

so, here's the list

Shredding_Gnome;894012 said:
ok so my headlining act would be dragonforce and the other bands would be slashes band tom morellos band and i think its lou who is in charlie daniels band some thrash metal band

the other stages would probably be guns and roses aerosmith and maybe a band that plays dragonforces music or music similar to it

my last stage would be the cool stage where only cool bands get to play such as dragonforce because they would play on the first stage and then come to the cool stage also the led zeppelin and maybe soulja boy can bring his band to play
Shredding_Gnome;1762201 said:
i thought the singers for led zepplin IS led zeplin lol but i guess thats the guitarist right
Shredding_Gnome;902338 said:
once again those are opinions and i hope you can see where im coming from please leave me to my own opinions and dont make fun of them please and i have heard more than one of zeppelins songs such as stairway going into heaven and im not a history guy lol so i dont know certain dates when things happened all i know is that led is a really good guitarist and he found a singer a drummer and a bassist to form led zeppelin sometime in the 50s or 60s and dragonforce okay live i will admit they are not the best but they are damn good oh and dragonforce is soon going to be at the level led zeppelin was as legends
zeppelin1969 said:
Who Doesnt REALLY like Zeppelin without them there is no rock there are no bands from today and the 90's like nirvana, foo fighters, pearl jam etc.
zeppelin1969 said:
pink floyds first hit album came out in 1973 zeppelins first hit album was released in 1969 so your wrong
zeppelin1969 said:
led zeppelin didnt invent music they invented rock they took the blues and turned it into what we know today as rock without zeppelin there is no rock period somany things came out of led zeppelin its not even funny modern rock bands were heavily influenced by led zeppelin and along with sabbath they invented heavy metal
zeppelin1969 said:
okay lets set things straight the beatles were more of a pop band than a rock band Hendrix invented rock guita and i love hendrix Cream i also love clapton is god but lets be real all of these bands were started before or peaked before zeppelin was even thought of pages riffs and solos plants wail bonhams drumming and jones' basslines were all pue beauty pink floyd's first 7 albums were chart disasters (again success is measured on the charts) and drum/guitar battles etc would help enhance the gameplay of an already all around great game
zeppelin1969 said:
but the who were alot softer than zeppelin the only thing that was extremely hard about them was daltreys vocals and werent extremely succesful it was mostly zeppelin who invented hard rock with some help from deep purple and black sabbath
zeppelin1969 said:
hendrix wasnt hard rock even though he was amazing he incorporated so much more than rock into his music psychadelia , r&b, blues some of his songs were hard rock but most were rock blues or r&b based

METALLIC-ROSE;1739008 said:
i found out in one of my threads that people hate me for liking metallica more than the beatles. i got comments like the beatles>>>>metallica and i wanted to know what is wrong with those people can they hear? please tell me what you think about metallica vs. the beatles not by who sold the most cds, but who sounds better let the beatles die off, and move on to the next level of rock people. in my opinion, Metallica out shines the whole group
2.Led Zepplin
3.Guns N Roses
4.Rolling Stones
5.Van Halen
1,128,094,465,789,999,999,999.Chris Brown
1,128,094,465,790,000,000,000.The Beatles1,128,094,465,790,000,000,000.5.The Sound A Butt Makes (closely following The Beatles)

what do you think?


dont hate me for this, hate yourself for liking the beatles more than metallica


and yes bands like Ozzy Osbourne, and Megadeath are in my list right after Van Halen.


:confused:=you dont get this at all
:mad:=you are an angry beatles fan, and hate me
:p=you are amused that people like the beatles
;)=you dont care
:D=you love metallica too
:)=you agree with me
:rolleyes:=you think both bands suck
:cool:=metallica would beat the heck out the beatles any day
:eek:=you found out there's a band called The Sound a Butt Makes


- too many to list

Teh_Jakester;1726957 said:
Sammy. Honestly, Roth was good, but Sammy had a better range, and Dreams was just badass.
"oh but he ruined their partyness with ballads waaaaaaaah"
... hey! Aren't you one of the people defending the Black Album?! Anyway:

Tell me that doesn't rock. I dare you.
Teh_Jakester;1683443 said:
Stop telling people to skip St. Anger. Seriously. You act like it's the plague. It's a good album, much better than their '90s efforts and Death Magnetic, which all sucked to varying degrees.
Teh_Jakester;1626406 said:
Paul was waaaaaaaay more Metal. I mean, compare Wrathchild and... say... Aces High. Wrathchild is loads more rockin'. I'd put Di'Anno above Dickinson in almost every catagory. He obviously loses in terms of range, but, really. I perfer rockin' vocals that don't really go anywhere pitchwise to semi-rockin' vocals that are all over the place. Oh, and Dickinson's 1999 version of Wrathchild is hilarious.

No Iron Maiden vocalist could do any of the others' songs.
Teh_Jakester;1491234 said:
Load and Reload were actually Metal, believe it or not. The Black Album wasn't, though. I made this thing where I re-genred all of Rock Band, and I listed Enter Sandman as "Bob Rock" :| they're their own genre hell yeah
Teh_Jakester;1483538 said:
But Nirvana did. It's just like saying that if Sabbath hadn't invented Metal, some other band would've, which is probably the case, but it didn't happen. Get over it. Nirvana brought Grunge into the mainstream. No amount of complaining and disparaging the band will cha-OH, MY GOD. I KEEP FORGETTING HOW WHOLE LOTTA LOVE HAS THAT COOL LICK NEAR THE MIDDLE. Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Nirvana brought Grunge to the mainstream; Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Green River or whoever you wanted to didn't. You can't change that.

edit: Oh, and the only overrated thing here is SLTS. Most people who constantly praise Kurt for inventing Grunge only know SLTS and maybe a few random singles. The rest of their discography lies forgotten, even though it's much, much better.
Teh_Jakester;1483702 said:
There's a difference between "best" and "favourite". My favourite band is Nirvana, but they're far from the best. If I had to give best a real shot, I'd say The Timothy Lee Band.
Teh_Jakester;1482738 said:
... I'd say Pixies are Grunge and Nirvana aren't.

any more noms before I put the poll up?


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