A poem I wrote....

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If Love Were Easy...

At once there were two,
they held great love for one another,
because of this they were rewarded a gift.
For time after time, they realized their love,
and they kept the gift.
For this time, the happiness held on.
However, There came a time,
In which the love was shadowed.
The two decided instead to pick at every flaw
that which the other possessed.
This was the creation of senseless bickering.
The gift looked on and became worried.
The two things for which it cared most were angry over nothing
and seemed close to loosing sight,
of the true love for which the kept for one another
The gift also began to wonder if instead it had become a curse
and if it was causing the shadow between the two.
The gift began hoping
with all its might
that they two would not be blinded
and that there was something that it could do.


I also Apologize greatly for not being able to post the MoTD thread.

For a while I may not be able to get on regularly, so if you wish, you can replace me for the thread.

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