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How to format an Album Review.

Hey guys Chris here, I have been seeing alot more interest in the Album review section here lately. Great thing too!
What i was wondering is if we could come up with a format that we could all adhear to.

I believe that HMXHenry's format seems to be the most apealing format.

( I.E. )
Band -
Album -
Label -
Genre -

Thoughts/Opinions -

Track Listing - ( With links to a player, other than You Tube, Some type of External player we could all agree on maybe. )
schmeankman;1775494 said:
I suggest the additon of Henry's famous album art attachment photo as part of the formula?
Remember this is just an idea. You are completely welcome to do your album reviews however you see fit. I only thought about this as a way to keep things from falling into " The songz on dis albumz are de guud, you should listinz ".

Mostly to be more informative, and to show what you really think about the Album that you are reviewing.

Any thoughts?



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