Top 5 favorite 70's - 80's bands.

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It was an interesting time for music, and some of the greatest influences for modern waves and movements came from this time period.

Pick and scale your top 5 artists and attach a recommended album from each. Though your favorite is probably well known do try to add material that may be a little less well known, but essential at the same time. Oh and also add genre just for clean-up purposes. This can be about finding new music from a standpoint time in music history, or this could be another ****ing worship thread, it's really up to you.

On a scale from 1 being the best/most enjoyable to 5.

1. King Crimson - Lizard (prog rock)
2. Holy Terror - Mind Wars (thrash metal)
3. Psychotic Waltz - (prog/tech metal)
4. Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness (hardcore/punk)
5. Black Sabbath - Master of Reality (doom metal)


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