The History of Rock Official Trivia Thread

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Here's an idea I came up with today at work.

I give credit to AxVanHagar, due to him starting this a few months ago, but it faded away. But I'm putting a twist on it.

This is going to be a long-running contest. It should last a total of around 10 weeks, maybe longer.

Starting February 2, 2009, each Trivia thread will last a week.
I will be asking people to sign up to enter this contest, and also for people to sign up to create Trivia threads.

Scoring system:
Each question answered correctly will be worth one point, if all are answered correctly, they will receive an extra 2 points.
Points will be tallied by the thread starter, and they will be posted here, and updated on the next post. And to get people to enter the contest, people who sign up to enter the contest before the end of this week (by January 18, 2009, will receive a free point, and people who sign up and create the week's thread, will receive 10 points.

Why the points?:
This contest is, a contest, at the end of the string of Trivia threads, the winner will receive a prize from me. 1600 MSP if the winner is an Xbox 360 owner, or a check for $20.00 for a Playstation or Wii owner. They will be mailed after the winner is determined. The winner will have to PM me their address so I can mail it.

As I am doing this out of my own generosity, there are rules:
1. Use of outside sources is against the rules. No wiki, google, allmusic, or other websites, or encyclopedias, or other books, or as I stated, any outside source. These are prohibited. Of course, doing this is all on the honor system. So please do not use them. Keep this clean. If you are caught using an outside source somehow, you will be disqualified.

2. You must sign up to officially be a part of the contest and be eligible for the prize. There will be time to sign up until January 31, 2009. To sign up, just post here (for the first week there will be a poll up for the early-birds). Anybody can sign up to participate, but those who miss the date will not be eligible for the contest, but are, obviously, still allowed to answer the questions and participate for fun.

3. I am asking for YOUR HELP. For the regulars of the History of Rock forum, you can sign up to create your Trivia thread. Please choose what your topic will be (ie. drummers, album covers, etc.) [this is where I am looking at you Axl, Shredder, Fogey, JukeBoxHero, benson, afterstasis and others). As stated earlier, you are still allowed to enter the contest, and by creating the thread, you will receive 10 free points for your help.

4. In the event of a tie at the end, a thread of three questions will be put up, and the first one to get all three correct, will be the winner.

Thread Structure:
Each thread will consist of 10 Questions revolving around the Topic of the thread. Each question is worth one point. Questions should be well-researched and written thoroughly.

Please try and keep the topics varied, too, we don't need 3 threads on guitarists.

Each week a new thread will be put up, in order of the list that will be created.

Thank you, and have fun!

(note: please give me 2 minutes to leave 2 spaces for open spots for lists)


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