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Okay, on one of my old forums I regularly posted upon I had noticed (at the time) a lot of the "guess the song" games were completely easy and not fun at all. You'd just open up google, quote it, put lyrics at the end of it and hit search. No challenge. But I thought about something, what if the game was based on sound? It would be more challenging, would test the person, even if it included lyrics; they can be heard wrong and somewat hard to place!

So I came up with this format.

Joe posts the song; a clip of the instrumental section of the intro to Privelege by Incubus. The next person would have to; (let's call him Bill) listen and figure out it was indeed that song. When Bill (as well as Pacy and Marie) strive to figure it out but are stumped Joe posts a trivia-based clue.

"This popular rock band was featured in one of the Guitar Hero games."

...and so on. Once the song was guessed, Bill (or whoever got it right and it was confirmed by the song poster) would go into audacity, a .wav editor, movie maker or whatever editing program they may have and fix it up.

Rinse and Repeat?

Are you guys game? I have a song loaded already that is vaugely in the middle of the known spectrum;

Guess the Song LINK!

Are you game?


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