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This is a thread to discuss progressive rock/metal/death metal, symphonic metal, jazz, and jazz

It is also a place for recommendations, and to help guide people through the genre.

I decided to make this after getting several requests to recommend people prog and jazz after my lists went up in the last few days

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1) This thread must stay away from the common misconceptions of the genre (Rush, Pink Floyd, just because its a concept album/uses odd time signatures, it must be prog, Phil Collins is prog, 90125 is prog, etc.)
2) This thread should venture more into the lesser known bands, away from Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, ELP, etc., and especially to bands outside the US and UK!
This is a place for discussion, arrogance and fighting will not be allowed, as it is on the rest of the forums, but here too, we cannot allow people to down each other and their tastes, you want to argue about music? go to the Randomly Crap Out Your Opinions Thread, but not here
4) Use the blog/videos/lastfm/other sources of media whenever necessary!! In order to spread the genre, we must provide tunage to allow people to listen.

and remember, have fun! this isn't a religion, its a community!

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