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So I was waiting around at State Debate today for awards to be handed out (Member of the #5 team of Kansas, btw, haha), and I ended up getting into an argument with a couple of my team mates when I was told to tell a lie.

I said I don't like the Beatles.

Now, I know some of you here remember my infamous "In my opinion the Beatles suck" moment. and I'd like to apologize for that, and also, I had realized that for quite sometime, I just didn't connect with the music, and also disliked inherently perfect things, haha. Moving on though, I essentially came out of the Beatles closet, and they called me a hypocrite.

Why? Because they said I bashed on the Beatles alot.

The moments they cited were:

When an idiot called the killers ***, and I asked what music he listened to, and it was the Beatles (more on this later). For the sake of arguing, and because I didn't appreciate him insulting my favorite band. I said that they were overrated and Lennon was the only one that ever truly stood for something (Harrison and Bangledesh escaped me atm, and I don't remember hearing anything about Paul or Ringo)...

other incident, was apparently, when I was talking about how scene kids only like the beatles because it was hip, they thought, again, I was bashing on them.

So anyway, we argued about that for some time, then moved on to how mainstream pop is generally musically bad, which they didn't understand AT ALL.

Moving on, they wanted to know a band I considered "good" (apparently I have some pretty high standards...which isn't really true at all..) and I said the Who. one girl, who's an idiot, and annoying as hell, but somehow people still like her, said "what's your favorite song?"

me: baba O'riley

no response, but moving on, they asked me what they did for music.


So I went over their influences on punk, and showmanship, and the first real concept album (IMO), and they have no clue what I'm talking about. I catch a kid behind us out of the corner of my eye, listening intently, shaking his head at them, and I just turn and shake mine.

he's like "yeah dude...Pete freaking Townshend...he started it all". and I was happy that at least someone understood where I was coming from.


seriously though. am I a music elitist? or am i justified in at least KNOWING what's considered good, and knowing at least a bit about what I write...none of my friends really understand second best friend (I have three, haha) listens to it, but it's a lot of power pop. which I'm FINE with people listening to, they just can't say it's God's gift to music...



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