Mastodon Releases New Song and Album Cover

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I don't know how many people around the HoR forums are Mastodon fans, but I know that a lot of people around the Rock Band Forums in general are, so I just thought I would post this in the appropriate forum. Besides, their cover arts at least good enough to get attention from those who aren't fans, haha.

We've finally got some new information on Mastodons upcoming album, A Crack In The Skye, including the cover art and a song.

Cover Art

Mastodon's Myspace Page (Play the song "Divinations", you've got to select it from the album on the side of the playlist)

The new artwork's pretty cool as always. Love the spirit bear in the middle, out there representing Russia, haha. The Rasputins on either side are the same, which is kind of disappointing, though I guess the symmetry's cool. The guy looks cool enough, himself, as well. Love the black and blue spirit thing supporting him from the back.

Onto the song. It's a pretty catchy track, but definitely much more straightforward than their previous efforts. Its definitely going in the direction Blood Mountain started them in. It also has that distinct Mastodon feel to it, as you might assume. The song's okay, but it sounds a bit lacking in the sense that you know that it will sound better in the context of the full album.

Also, there's a track listing as well:

01. Oblivion
02. Divinations
03. Quintessence
04. The Czar
I. Usurper
II. Escape
III. Martyr
IV. Spiral
05. Ghost of Karelia
06. Crack The Skye
07. The Last Baron

Looks like we've got an epic by the band on our hands! I'm interested in how "The Czar" will turn out.


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