Fantasy All-Star Rock Band, Day 19: Pick Your Favorite METAL Drummer!

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Welcome to Day 19, Band 3 of the Fantasy All-Star Rock Band Challenge!

Congratulations to Iron Maiden's STEVE HARRIS, who joins the band on bass! ( far we've got rep from Priest, Maiden, Megadeth, and Anthrax....I'm pretty damn sure I know what band will yield a drummer....:D)

Now, pick a METAL DRUMMER to back up the band!

Day 1: Vocalist: Rob Halford
Day 2: Guitarist: Dave Mustaine
Day 3: Rhythm Guitarist: Scott Ian
Day 4: Bass: Steve Harris
Day 5: Drummer: ???
Day 6: Songwriter: ???
Day 7: Name this band!

And note that since this is a theme week, you ***may*** choose band members who normally would have been retired from previous bands. (Just make sure that you stay within the confines of the metal genre, though.)

For further rules and formatting, go here:

Good luck, and happy voting! (Voting closes at 11 PM EST tomorrow.)


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