Gintoki55's setlist! (W.I.P.)

gintoki55gintoki55 Rising Star


(Room for 5 HMX bands for an even 110)

[G B D V O]
6 5 4 3 2 1 0
If the instrument is highlighted, there's a solo for it. For multiple solos, I'll put the number in parenthesis.
Songs with female vocals are highlighted.

1) Queens of the Stone Age
~~~First It Giveth (2002) [G5 B4 D6 V4 O5]
2) Foo Fighters
~~~Best Of You (2005) [G3 B3 D3 V6 O4]
3) Red Hot Chili Peppers
~~~Otherside (1999) [G2 B3 D3 V4 O3]
4) Velvet Revolver
~~~Fall to Pieces (2004) [G5 B5 D2 V4 O4]
5) Nine Inch Nails
~~~Head Like a Hole (1989) [G3 B3 D4 V2 O3]
6) Beastie Boys
~~~Fight for Your Right (1986) [G0 B0 D0 V0 O0]
7) The Donnas
~~~Fall Behind Me (2004) [G3 B2 D2 V3 O3]
~~~Shout It Out Loud (1976) [G1 B2 D1 V3 O2]
9) Van Halen
~~~Hot For Teacher (1984) [G(2)6 B5 D6 V5 O6]
10) Guns N' Roses
~~~Welcome to the Jungle (1987) [G(2)2 B2 D2 V3 O2]
11) Journey
~~~Seperate Ways (1983) [G2 B1 D0 V3 O1]
12) Bon Jovi
~~~You Give Love A Bad Name (1986) [G1 B0 D0 V1 O1]
13) Quiet Riot
~~~C** On Feel the Noize (1983) [G(2)1 B2 D1 V4 O2]
14) The Who
~~~Bargain (1971) [G4 B6 D6 V5 O5]
15) Lynyrd Skynyrd
~~~Sweet Home Alabama (1974) [G(2)3 B3 D0 V1 O2]
16) Boston
~~~Don't Look Back (1978) [G(2)3 B3 D2 V2 O3]
17) Heart
~~~Barracuda (1977) [G3 B3 D5 V5 O4]
18) AC/DC
~~~Let's Get It Up (1981) [G1 B1 D0 V1 O1]
19) The Rolling Stones
~~~Jumpin' Jack Flash (1968) [G1 B1 D2 V4 O2]
20) Jethro Tull
~~~Locomotive Breath (1971) [G4 B4 D3 V5 O4]
21) ZZ Top
~~~Sharp Dressed Man (1982) [G(2)2 B2 D2 V2 O2]
22) The Kinks
~~~You Really Got Me (1964) [G2 B2 D2 V5 O3]
23) Dire Straits
~~~Sultans of Swing (1978) [G(2)4 B3 D3 V1 O3]
24) Cream
~~~White Room (1968) [G(2)5 B4 D3 V5 O4]
25) Chicago
~~~25 Or 6 to 4 (1970) [G(2)5 B5 D4 V5 O5]
26) Deep Purple
~~~Speed King (1970) [G4 B4 D4 V5 O4]
27) Scorpions
~~~Rock You Like a Hurricane (1984) [G(2)3 B2 D1 V3 O2]
METAL: (16)
1) Megadeth
~~~Hangar 18 (1990) [G(2)6 B6 D5 V4 O5]
2) Metallica
~~~The Four Horsemen (1983) [G6 B6 D5 V5 O6]
3) Judas Priest
~~~Breaking the Law (1980) [G2 B1 D2 V4 O2]
4) Avenged Sevenfold
~~~Unholy Confessions (2003) [G5 B5 D5 V5 O6]
5) Atreyu
~~~When Two Are One (2007) [G(3)5 B4 D5 V4 O5]
6) Protest the Hero
~~~Sequoia Throne (2008) [G(2)6 B6 D6 V6 O6]
7) Underoath
~~~Writing On the Walls (2006) [G4 B4 D5 V3 O4]
8) Rob Zombie
~~~Superbeast (1998) [G2 B2 D3 V2 O2]
9) Anthrax
~~~Madhouse (1985) [G5 B5 D5 V5 O6]
10) Motorhead
~~~Overkill (1979) [G(3)6 B5 D6 V5 O6]
11) Napalm Death
~~~When All Is Said And Done (2006) [G4 B3 D6 V0 O3]
12) Trivium
~~~Pull Harder On the Strings Of Your Martyr (2005) [G6 B6 D6 V4 O6]
13) Mastodon
~~~Blood and Thunder (2004) [G4 B4 D5 V2 O4]
14) Sonata Arctica
~~~Victoria's Secret (2003) [G5 B3 D5 V3 O4]
15) Slayer
~~~Angel of Death (1986) [G6 B6 D5 V5 O6]
16) Black Sabbath
~~~Children of the Grave (1971) [G5 B5 D3 V4 O4]
1) Radiohead
~~~Just (1995) [G1 B2 D2 V1 O2]
2) The Smashing Pumpkins
~~~Bullet with Butterfly Wings (1995) [G3 B3 D4 V4 O4]
3) The Killers
~~~Bones (2006) [G0 B1 D2 V1 O1]
4) Incubus
~~~Rogues (2006) [G4 B4 D6 V4 O5]
5) The Cure
~~~Lovesong (1989) [G0 B1 D0 V0 O0]
6) Pixies
~~~Where Is My Mind? (1988) [G0 B0 D1 V1 O1]
7) Sonic Youth
~~~Silver Rocket (1988) [G1 B1 D4 V1 O2]
8) R.E.M.
~~~The One I Love (1987) [G2 B2 D1 V3 O2]
9) The Smiths
~~~Panic (1986) [G1 B1 D1 V2 O1]
10) Thrice
~~~All That's Left (2003) [G3 B3 D4 V4 O4]
11) Senses Fail
~~~Shark Attack (2006) [G5 B3 D3 V4 O4]
12) Weezer
~~~Dope Nose (2002) [G3 B3 D3 V2 O3]
13) The Beach Boys
~~~Wouldn't It Be Nice (1966) [G1 B1 D0 V5 O2]
14) The Jesus and Mary Chain
~~~Head On (1989) [G1 B0 D1 V1 O1]
15) Porno For Pyros
~~~Pets (1993) [G(2)2 B3 D3 V1 O3]
16) Oasis
~~~Supersonic (1994) [G(2)3 B2 D2 V3 O3]
17) Primus
~~~Tommy The Cat (1991) [G(2)4 B6 D4 V3 O4]
18) Rage Against the Machine
~~~Know Your Enemy (1992) [G5 B4 D3 V2 O4]
INDIE: (6)
1) Arcade Fire
~~~Rebellion (Lies) (2004) [G0 B0 D0 V3 O1]
2) Pavement
~~~Cut Your Hair (1994) [G1 B0 D1 V1 O1]
3) Arctic Monkeys
~~~Fluorescent Adolescent (2007) [G1 B3 D3 V2 O2]
4) Editors
~~~Munich (2005) [G0 B0 D2 V1 O1]
5) Modest Mouse
~~~Dramamine (1996) [G3 B2 D4 V3 O3]
6) Interpol
~~~Slow Hands (2004) [G3 B3 D3 V3 O3]
PUNK: (7)
1) The Clash
~~~White Riot (1977) [G1 B1 D1 V1 O1]
2) Ramones
~~~I Wanna Be Sedated (1978) [G1 B1 D0 V1 O1]
3) Rise Against
~~~Drones (2006) [G4 B4 D5 V4 O4]
4) Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
~~~I Love Rock N Roll (1981) [G1 B0 D0 V1 O1]
5) Iggy Pop and The Stooges
~~~I Wanna Be Your Dog (1969) [G1 B2 D2 V1 O2]
6) Dead Kennedys
~~~Government Flu (1982) [G4 B4 D5 V3 O4]
7) Blink-182
~~~Wasting Time (1994) [G3 B3 D4 V2 O3]
PROG: (8)
1) Rush
~~~The Spirit of Radio (1980) [G5 B5 D6 V6 O6]
2) Styx
~~~Snowblind (1981) [G4 B4 D4 V4 O4]
3) Coheed & Cambria
~~~The Suffering (2005) [G4 B4 D3 V6 O4]
4) The Mars Volta
~~~The Widow (2005) [G5 B5 D4 V6 O5]
5) Yes
~~~Roundabout (1971) [G4 B6 D5 V4 O5]
6) Pink Floyd
~~~Money (1973) [G(2)3 B4 D3 V4 O4]
7) Dream Theater
~~~Pull Me Under (1992) [G(2)6 B5 D6 V5 O6]
8) Genesis
~~~The Knife (1970) [G5B5 D5 V4 O5]
GLAM: (4)
1) Queen
~~~Stone Cold Crazy (1974) [G(2)5 B4 D4 V4 O4]
2) Motley Crue
~~~Girls, Girls, Girls (1987) [G2 B2 D1 V2 O2]
3) Twisted Sister
~~~I Wanna Rock (1984) [G3 B2 D3 V2 O3]
4) David Bowie
~~~Ziggy Stardust (1972) [G2 B3 D3 V5 O3]
1) Nirvana
~~~Pennyroyal Tea (1993) [G2 B2 D2 V2 O2]
2) Alice in Chains
~~~Would? (1992) [G2 B2 D4 V3 O3]
3) My Sister's Machine
~~~Enemy (1992) [G3 B1 D2 V2 O2]
4) Pearl Jam
~~~Spin the Black Circle (1994) [G4 B2 D4 V2 O3]
EMO: (2)
1) Taking Back Sunday
~~~This Photograph Is Proof (2003) [G1 B1 D5 V4 O3]
2) Sunny Day Real Estate
~~~Seven (1994) [G2 B4 D4 V2 O4]
1) Chiodos
~~~There's No Penguins In Alaska (2005) [G4 B4 D4 V5 O4]
2) Dance Gavin Dance
~~~Alex English (2008) [G5 B5 D6 V4 O5]
3) Escape the Fate
~~~This War Is Ours (2008) [G(2)6 B4 D5 V3 O5]
SKA: (2)
1) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
~~~The Impression That I Get (1997) [G2 B2 D2 V1 O2]
2) Streetlight Manifesto
~~~We Will Fall Together (2007) [G2 B3 D3 V2 O3]
1) Talking Heads
~~~Life During Wartime (1979) [G1 B2 D0 V4 O2]
2) Oingo Boingo
~~~Little Girls (1981) [G0 B2 D0 V4 O2]
POP: (2)
1) Paramore
~~~Misery Business (2007) [G3 B3 D3 V5 O4]
2) Boys Like Girls
~~~Hero/Heroine (2006) [G2 B2 D3 V6 O3]
1) System of a Down
~~~Question! (2005) [G5 B5 D6 V6 O6]
2) Linkin Park
~~~Lying from You (2003) [G1 B1 D2 V1 O1]
3) Korn
~~~Freak on a Leash (1998) [G2 B2 D3 V5 O3]
4) Disturbed
~~~Overburdened (2005) [G4 B2 D4 V3 O3]


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