Fantasy All-Star Rock Band, Day 22: Pick Your Favorite FEMALE Vocalist!

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Welcome to Day 22, Band *4* of the Fantasy All-Star Rock Band Challenge!

Congratulations to GIGADETH, the name selected for our first Fantasy All-Star Metal Band!

Day 1: Vocalist: Rob Halford
Day 2: Guitarist: Dave Mustaine
Day 3: Rhythm Guitarist: Scott Ian
Day 4: Bass: Steve Harris
Day 5: Drummer: Dave Lombardo
Day 6: Songwriter: Steve Harris & Dave Mustaine
Day 7: Band Name: GIGADETH (suggested by WingsOfSteel)

For the next band, no particular genre -- it's wide open again, but we'll begin with one slight modification: today, pick your favorite *FEMALE* VOCALIST to lead the new band!

Again, any rock-friendly genre, any rocker living or dead, from the 1950s on. And again, can't choose any "retired" band members.

Day 1: Female Vocalist: ???
Day 2: Guitarist: ???
Day 3: Drummer: ???
Day 4: Bass: ???
Day 5: Keyboardist: ???
Day 6: Songwriter: ???
Day 7: Name this band!

For further rules and formatting, go here:

Good luck, and happy voting! (Voting closes at ***10 PM EST*** tomorrow....I'm going to start closing the polls an hour earlier, because I've got to get my beauty rest from now on. ...No comments from the peanut gallery. *koff*)


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