Be Prepared! [Game]

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I thought of this idea for a game. basically, the idea is that one person will give a situation and the next poster will make a playlist that they would listen to if they were in that situation. For example, If someone said something simple like "Driving down the highway", I would respond with a playlist like:

1. "Black Sunshine" - White Zombie
2. "Gardenia" - Kyuss
3. "Hell Bent For Leather" - Judas Priest
4. "Highway Star" - Deep Purple
5. "Ace Of Spades" - Motörhead.

Playlists should be around 5-10 songs each by different bands/musicians. Providing links would be nice, if youtube videos or other places to listen to the song are available (use Tinyurl if you're posting youtube links to save space). Scenarios can be anything no matter how mundane or silly they may be. It could be anything from meditating in a meadow to partying at Dracula's mansion, so be creative! Your playlists should just be songs that you think would fit, be it lyrically or tonally and should just be in any order you think fits best. Have fun!

I'll start out with something simple for the first scenario:

"Wandering through the desert"


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