PS3 Expert Players Thread 2-Post Anything if You play on expert

Dead1shotDead1shot Opening Act
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(The Other Thread was getting Crowded Though I would Help Everbody out) HMX Mods If you could Sticky This Plz

The purpose of this thread is to help PS3 expert players to meet each other more easily. As you can see by the poll (and the fact that it actually did get stickied), it can be a very helpful resource for players to meet friends near the same skill level as them, find bandmates, or just for scoping out the competition. Make sure to follow the guidelines when posting!

The Basics of This Thread

- Find people to do online quickplay with
- Find people to do the Band World Tour with
- Find Scorehero bands
- Find people to score duel against

Posting Guidelines

Make sure to list your PSN, amount of DLC owned, and if you imported your Rock Band 1 songs

Guitar and Bass - State your preference, normal percentage (just guess), Green Grass and High Tides percentage, Panic Attack (or Visions) percentage, your PSN, number of DLC owned, and your rank (rank is optional)

Drums - State your normal percentage, Won't Get Fooled Again or Run to the Hills percentage, Painkiller or Panic Attack percentage, your PSN, number of DLC owned, and your rank (rank is optional)

Vocals - State your normal percentage, Tangled Up in Blue or Chop Suey percentage, your PSN, number of DLC owned, and your rank (rank is optional)

Note: Some songs listed to show your skill level are from the original Rock Band, which some players may not have. If you do not have RB1, you don't need to put a score down for these songs.


  • SovelisSovelis Unsigned
    edited February 2009
    PSN - Icedteaninja
    Only the bonus... 12ish songs downloaded from the code on the back of the game.
    Never had Rock Band 1 unfortunatly...
    Guitar and Bass - Usually get high 90's on Expert Bass, sometimes a little lower on guitar due to crazy lead parts. haha

    Drums - I really like playing the drums although i can only play hard so far. :)

    Vocals - Usually high 90's as well.
  • KoRnSaQKoRnSaQ Opening Act
    edited February 2009
    PSN - Kornsaq
    Instrument - Bass

    I play almost everything on disc on expert except for Panic Attack, Visions, Shacklers Revenge and Battery. I can play all those on hard except Visions.

    I have the 20 free songs, RB1 songs, and somewhere around 30-50 DLC including Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Offspring, and several others.

    I mainly play on weekends, but you can sometimes find me on during the afternoon throughout the week if im not nerding it up on WoW
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