What's In Your Parents Music Collection?

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Got this idea from another thread.

My dad is pretty big into U2, John Lee Hooker, Marvin Gaye, and a lot of 80's alternative bands.

My mom has a lot of Elvis Costello, Little Feat, Talking Heads, Psychedelic Furs, R.E.M., and a lot of alternative type albums.

Just post what stuff your parents have (their CD's, LP's, EP's, Singles, on their iPod, and some of their favorite bands)


  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
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    my dad listens to country along the lines of george strait, merle haggard, and johnny cash with the occasional bit of elvis, buddy holly, or creedence.

    my mom mostly listens to stuff like the beatles, elton john, and the stones. i have introduced her to a few newer bands that she enjoys like the flaming lips and the replacements.
  • My name is FezMy name is Fez Road Warrior
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    My stepdad's a bigtime classic rock lover. Staples of which are The Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, anything and everything involving Eric Clapton, and a lot of other stuff that would be too much to mention.

    My mom, on the other hand, has similar taste, but also some stuff she explored by me and my brother forcing her to listen to modern radio a lot. She's always been a big fan of Journey, Fleetwood Mac and Bad Company. She also has mentioned her appreciation for Zeppelin and Hendrix, but I've never actually seen her listening to either. She also like the grunge scene of the early 90's and a lot of what evolved directly from it (Pearl Jam especially). She likes Metallica post-1988 (not quite a fan of metal is she). And I'm actually going to give her a minor collection of folk CDs and then some mix CD's I made her for her birthday.
  • jeccanekojeccaneko Headliner
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    Stepdad: Metallica, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Motley Crue, etc

    Mom: Boston, Rush, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, etc
  • Soror_YZBLSoror_YZBL Road Warrior
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    Country. Lots of it. My dad is more into outlaw country, like Waylon & Willie (and the boys), as well as the classic male vocalists like George Jones, Tom T Hall, and Hank Williams Sr. In his old age, he's branched out and listens to a wee bit of rock and roll. He was really into Nevermind when it first came out, and also listens to quite a bit of 70's rock.

    My mom is into more poppy country, like Garth Brooks, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and Reba McIntyre. She was a complete Beatlemaniac when she was a kid, however.

    As a disclaimer, I'm basing this on my last known recollection of what they listened to. I haven't really seen either parent in about 5 years.
  • a21schizoidmana21schizoidman Prog-nosticator
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    my dad:
    "classic rock" and "oldies" mostly mainstream stuff with the occasional king crimson or something

    also, a lot of Jazz and Jazz Fusion (he got me turned on to George Duke and John Klemmer)\

    i dont have a mom
  • MdrnDayWarriorMdrnDayWarrior Rising Star
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    My dad listens to/used to listen to a lot Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, and Grateful Dead. He also likes some Jazz musicians and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
  • Blackjack041277Blackjack041277 Der Lindwurm
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    My dad was a big fan of the Pointer Sisters. *sigh* He also liked Madonna. I don't remember much else too clearly that he liked.

    My mom's collection is mostly The Beatles, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bonnie Raitt, Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan, and lots of classical.
  • franticfishfranticfish Road Warrior
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    My Dad loves The Who, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Yes, Pink Floyd
    My Mum loves Santana, Pink Floyd, The Pixies, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder
  • Ferocious QFerocious Q Headliner
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    my mom likes... Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, REM, (Dr. Hook & Medicine Show, and other 60's things)

    my dad likes: The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Who, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Joy Division, OTHER 70's-80s punk

    I like: Coldplay, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Tokio Hotel, White Zombie/Rob Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, Bang Camaro, Megadeth, The Killers, Jane's Addiction, and Motley Crue =)
  • Ferocious QFerocious Q Headliner
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    my mom HATES: The Who, The Beatles, Nirvana, Metallica, Rolling Stones, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Poison, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, Rage Against The Machine, and ANY RAP

    my dad hates: everything above, Van Halen

    i hate: Grateful Dead, Freezepop, Metallica, Rise Against, Slipknot, and Blind Melon
  • gmarshgmarsh Headliner
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    My dad's into the same stuff i am really..
    Ac/dc Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy osbourne, Scorpinos, Dio...I could go on forever.
    My mom's into alot of country...like toby keith, ronnie milsap, but her favorite rock band is the who( I like them to :p)
  • FizzelerFizzeler Washed Up
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    Mom: Led Zeppelin, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, STP, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Queen, R.E.M., Rush, Santana, SRV and Double Trouble, Styx, The Who, Steve Miller Band, Eric Clapton, The Doors, CSNY, The Beatles, Boston, Foreigner, Black Sabbath, Jefferson Airplane, Guns N' Roses, Judas Priest, The Allman Brothers Band, Bad Company, and Bob Seger

    Dad: YES, The Moody Blues, The Doobie Brothers, Dire Straits, Deep Purple, The Eagles, Jethro Tull, Elton John, Genesis, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Styx, and George Thurogood and The Destroyers

    Yeah I get most of my Prog. interest from my dad and Psychedelic from my mom and Fleetwood Mac from both of them because they are one of my parents' favorite artists
  • schmeankmanschmeankman Headliner
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    My parents love, and have a lot of:

    Paul McCartney
    Dan Fogelberg
    The Eagles
    Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    Loggins & Messina
    Crosby, Stills, & Nash
    Billy Joel
    James Taylor
    Van Halen
    Bob Dylan
    Norah Jones

    I believe I could go on into teh faravarniss.
  • Alright_ComputerAlright_Computer Butt Neck
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    My dad is a big classic rock fan, particularly Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles. He's also a big jazz fan, particularly Miles Davis. I think he also likes Smashing Pumpkins for some reason.

    My mom isn't a very big music fan. In fact, she made my dad throw out his records, which made me :(.
  • warthogdbwarthogdb Opening Act
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    My dad graduated from high school prior to the rock and roll era. He does not understand how I can listen to music with "that roarin' guitar."
  • MronoCMronoC Road Warrior
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    I recently stumbled across my step dad's old records. He had vinyl copies of Clapton's "Backless" and CCR's "Willy and the Poor Boys", as well as compilations of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix Experience, and a couple I don't recall the exact title of by Willie Nelson and Muddy Waters. These were among several other things I don't remember or didn't recognize. Strangely enough, he doesn't have a record player at all.
  • RainbowMistRainbowMist Rising Star
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    My Mom likes a lot of modern Canadian female artists, like Sarah McLaughlin, Lorenna McKennett, Sarah Slean, Feist etc. but is also a fan of alternative like REM, Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo and some local-ish stuff like Great Big Sea and The Rankin Family (and some others you're even less likely to have heard of) Needless to say, she is a great supporter of the Canadian-Content laws we have in this country. She also says she doesn't like classic rock, but I think she's kidding herself.

    My Dad's musical taste is harder to pin down He knows A LOT about music but he doesn't really buy his own CDs, he seems to like the same type of music as mom (except for the girly stuff) and he'll listen to pretty much anything. He says that back in the seventies he'd go into a record store every week and randomly buy an album, using the reasoning that if it got made than obviously someone liked it (he says it's not the same nowadays :P ) I'd love to go through his LP collection, now that I'm old enough to appreciate what I may find, but it got ruined when we moved due to (unknown) crappy storage :( I know he likes The Who, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Dire Straits (and Neil Diamond lol) and I'm pretty sure he likes the Stones. He's gone on record to tell me he isn't much of a fan of Zeppelin though.

    In my formative years, the music I remember best is The Hip's Fully Completely, and Trouble in the Henhouse Sarah McLaughlin's Surfacing and Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Blue Rodeo's Five Days in July and Tremolo (I think), Who's Next, Paul Simon's Graceland and REM's Out of Time and Monster (because it's orange)

    Any, in conclusion: Wall of Text.
  • KasilKasil Rising Star
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    My Dad listens to a lot of the newer stuff I do now, it's kind of scary. But beyond that he really likes RHCP, Collective Soul, Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty, Santana, and Zepplin.

    My Mom listens to country (can't stand it) and Aerosmith, for the most part.
  • ClassicRockFanatic23ClassicRockFanatic23 Rising Star
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    My Dad has every Who album on Vinyl from Tommy up. Also likes all the Pop music from the 80's that he grew up to, and some other classic rock.

    My Mom likes Louis Armstrong, Bon Jovi, Dave Mathews, and some Classic Rock as well as the 80's pop stuff that I can't stand.....
  • supernova1324supernova1324 Headliner
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    My dad is into classic rock and worships Bruce Springsteen while my mom used to go to a lot of parties in the 70s and 80s, but now she listens to crappy mainstream hip hop and rap.
  • RunesmithRunesmith Headliner
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    My dad is a huge fan of Motown and 50s/60s pop a la The Four Seasons and Dion.

    My mom will listen to pretty much anything. She doesn't really have a focus on any particular artist.
  • QuinarvyQuinarvy Road Warrior
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    Mom has some Neil Diamond, Monkees, Beach Boys, Beatles, and similar.

    Dad has crap. Just crap.
  • WhiffleBallTonyWhiffleBallTony Headliner
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    My dad loves just about everything besides pop and metal. Pretty much all non-metal music I know is because of him. He used to own a record store and promoted concerts around here for 20 or so years. He also worked on the radio as a DJ. He's most into reggae, though.
  • NFreakNFreak Opening Act
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    Mostly dad: country and some classic rock, mom: pop (Abba and similar bands, though she likes Metallica too. Strange combination).

    I have a feeling the CD collection downstairs isn't entirely from them, some might be my brother's old ones or something. Ozzy, System of a Down, Korn, U2, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, Iron Maiden, huge variety (that's not even half of them).
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
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    Most of the stuff your parents listen to is stuff that I grew up with....:p

    But out of my parents' vinyl collection, the real gems that stand out for me and that I'm thankful for being exposed to include almost all of Johnny Cash's stuff; Marty Robbins; Flatt & Scruggs; Hank Williams Sr.; Bob Dylan; The Kingston Trio; Simon and Garfunkel; Willie Nelson; The Ventures; Neil Diamond ("Hot August Night" ftw); Joan Baez; The Highwaymen; Kris Kristofferson; Buck Owens; and The Statler Brothers.

    A lot of the 50s-70s country and folk that they listened to proved hugely influential on most of the bands that you and I listen to today.
  • clashcityrocker10clashcityrocker10 Headliner
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    My dad likes a variety of different music. He's into jam bands, early punk rock, alternative, alternative country, and some rock from the late 60s and 70s.

    My mom likes music from the late 70s and early to mid 80s, I'd say. Oh, and Coldplay.
  • Max2323232Max2323232 Unsigned
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    My dad owns a lot of the same stuff that I listen to. Got the basic classic rock stuff, Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath. Some New Wave like Devo, XTC, Talking Heads. Some metal like Slayer and Metallica, and then some random assorted stuff like MBV, Yes, Triumvirat, Bob Marley, and Captain Beefheart. He is also a big fan of The Hives.

    My mom listens to a lot of newer stuff like Lily Allen, The Kills, Coldplay, and a lot of 80's pop. She also listens to some classic rock.
  • TinykokoTinykoko Road Warrior
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    my mom's really into led zeppelin, the doors, janis joplin.

    my dad likes muse, queens of the stone age, rage against the machine, disturbed.

    my dad is my favorite :D
  • ArmsAreLoudArmsAreLoud Road Warrior
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    Dad: Journey, Styx, and The Eurythmics.
    Mom: Brad Paisley and some other country.

    Basically, my Dad introduced my to rock, and my mom keeps me open-minded.
  • theantkid12theantkid12 Road Warrior
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    My Dad basically has every Lynyrd Skynyrd record available. He is a huge Skynyrd fan and introduced me to Rock through them. He also has some Jethro Tull, Aerosmith and AC/DC albums too.
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