100 greatest hard rock songs

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Vh1 recently did a segment on the 100 greatest hard rock songs. Based on what people say on the internet...people didn't completely agree with it.
This was their top 10 songs, and not mine.
#10 Motorhead- Ace of Spades
#9 Van Halen- Runnin With the Devil
#8 Aerosmith- Walk this way
#7 Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit
#6 The who- Won't get fooled again.
#5 Metallica- Enter Sandman
#4 Black Sabbath- Paranoid
#3 Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta love
#2 Ac/dc- Back in Black
#1 Guns' N Roses- Welcome to the jungle.

Now I don't completely agree with this list.
I'm here to discuss what you thought should have number one, becuase welcome to the jungle is a great tune, and would be in my top ten, but I wouldn't say it embodies the soul of Rock N Roll.
You can also list the top 10 songs in your own order, and what you think it should. Be. So go ahead.
(Please do not include any rolling stones or beatles because it doesn't fall into the category of what I'm talking about.

Vote for what you think is the greatest, if you selected other, what do you think it should be?

This is my top ten, most people probly wont agree with it.

#10 Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
#9 Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze
#8 Guns' N Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
#7 Metallica- Enter Sandman
#6 Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water
#5 The Who- Won't Get fooled again
#4 Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love
#3 Black Sabbath- Paranoid
#2 Ac/Dc- Back In Black
#1 Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven


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