Harrah's Rock Band Competition

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Hey everybody,

This here is a discussion thread for the Harrah's Rock Band competitions happening (dates and more info available in the official press release linked here). Feel free to comment below with your experiences, try to get bands together, and otherwise just get ready. Below are some rules and guidelines for the events.

If you want to know how I'll be judging the Finals here you go - http://www.rockband.com/zine/harrahs_rock_judge

- All band members must be over 21 to compete. You do have to register for a Total Rewards Card at Harrah's (its free to sign up).

- All players will compete on the standard Rock Band 2 set up, an adjustable height drum throne will be provided. Bands can not bring their own equipment to use (not even drumsticks). The mic will be set to an appropriate sensitivity for the room that the competition is in, all bands will use the same settings.

- There is no entry fee to compete, you must perform one of the songs posted on the www.harrahs.com/rockband site to compete in the local competitions. In the regional and finals bands will perform 2 songs. One song will be randomly selected from the Harrah's list and the band may select their second song from the RB1/2 catalog but must be under 6 minutes long.

- The same members of the band must compete together in all competitions, locals, regionals and Atlantic City finals.

- The game will be calibrated prior to each competition night.

- There will be a few chances to win sweepstakes to go straight to the regional competitions to be hosted by competition sponsors, be on the look out for those.

- You can enter to win a trip to compete in the Vegas Regionals, skipping the local qualifying round on http://www.rockband.com/harrahs

- Harrah's Metropolis in IL needs more people to sign up. Address: Harrah's Metropolis Casino, 100 East Front St. Metropolis, IL 62960

- Harrah's added a "bandmate" finder on their site, meaning if you need a drummer to compete, go there. www.harrahs.com/rockband


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