Captain Ron movie soundtrack

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Given that Kurt Russell is a god among men, and the fact that this movie has some music playing in it at some points, the movie soundtrack to Captain Ron would be the perfect choice for a Rock Band DLC pack.

We could also get the added bonus of the world's greatest album cover accompanying each track on the song list.

Here are the tracks, although I don't need to tell you, because you unquestionably know them all by heart already:

1. Caroline by Blinky & the Roadmasters
2. Zombies From Hell by T-Ride
3. Stir It Up by Bob Marley and the Wailers
4. Can't Get Back by the Poorboys
5. Papacito by Blinky & the Roadmasters
6. Besito En La Boquito by WAO
7. Jammin' by Bob Marley and the Wailers
8. Las Noches Calientes by Steve Carters
9. Quien Puse El Bomp? by Enrique Guzman Y Los Teen Tops

Come on, Harmonix! Please give us the legendary soundtrack to "easily the greatest film featuring Kurt Russell as a sailboat captain ever made". And hopefully this will open the gateway to future Kurt Russell-themed download packs in the future. We can make an Escape From L.A. pack happen!


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