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Tinted Windows: Your New Favorite Supergroup?

The concept of a supergroup is often a dodgy proposition. Sure in the mid-to-late '60s, when the term was first coined, there was Cream, Blind Faith, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. But since then, a supergroup is rarely greater than the sum of its parts.

Remember the Firm (both the mid-'80s Paul Rodgers-Jimmy Page combo and the late-'90s hip-hop posse featuring Nas and Foxy Brown)? Didn't think so. How about the Babys-meet-Journey outfit Bad English or the spawn of the Meat Puppets, Nirvana, and Sublime known as Eyes Adrift?

Sure there are better super groupings, including the Raconteurs, but then there is a long-list of the ill fated, such as Rage Against Soundgarden, also known as Audioslave, and the STP-greased Guns N' Roses refugees in Velvet Revolver.

All this supergroup introspection was inspired by the announcement last week that Hanson's Taylor Hanson, former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha, Fountains Of Wayne and Ivy mainstay Adam Schlesinger, and Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos have gotten together and formed Tinted Windows.

You can check out a few snippets of the band performing by clicking on the amusing video below:


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