FreQ/Amp intellectual property of...?

MagnetMagnet Moderator
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I saw hmxsean post in another topic that Harmonix doesn't own the Frequency franchise. Does that include Amplitude too then? I would've posted this in that topic, but it was a flame fest that I didn't feel like being a part of just to ask an innocent question.

So I'm assuming SCEA owns the IP to the FreQ/Amp games? Is that right?

I can recall a news bit earlier this year where I believe HMX offered to create a new FreQ type game for the PSP, but Sony declined. That sort of shuts down all of your options even if you wanted to make another one, huh?

I just wasn't clear on the whole thing so it'd be nice if someone who knew what they were talking about could quickly clear those couple things up for me. Thanks.


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