CBL's Punk Track Pack

CoolbutlameCoolbutlame Opening Act
edited March 2009 in Your Ultimate Setlist
ok, this a track pack for punk rock that is not yet on the DLC.

Dropkick Murpheys: State Of Massachusets
Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen
Green Day: Brain Stew/Jaded
The Clash: This Is Radio Clash
The Ramones: I Wanna Be Sedated
Rancid: Roots Radicals
Bikini Kill: Suck My Left One
Rise Against: Savior
Social Distortion: Mommy's Little Monster
The Offspring: All I Want
Generation X: Dancing With Myself
Less Than Jake: Overrated (Everything Is)
Black Flag: Slip It In
The Misfits: Dig Up Her Bones
Flogging Molly: Requiem For A Dying Song (drunken lullabies sucks)
The Libyans: Erased
Buzzcocks: What Do I Get?
Against Me!: Thrash Unreal
Bad Religion: Infected
Dead Kennedys: Rawhide
Sublime: Date Rape


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