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Well Since Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, and one of the best bands ever. They deserve to have a game named after them. Bonham's crazy drum solo's. Page's Electrifying guitar solos; and plants hardcore moaning, it would be fun and challenging on all instruments. The Game has a total of 60 songs, about 60% Led Zeppelin and 40% Bands that have a relation/similar to the mighty Zepp. enjoy:D.

-Hey Hey What Can I do?
-You Shook Me
-Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
-The Battle Of Evermore
-Whole Lotta Love
-What Is And What Should Never be
-Heartbreaker (hardest Guitar)
-Living Loving Maid
-Ramble On
-Good Times Bad Times
-Out on The Tires
-Dazed And Confused
-Communication Breakdown
-Lemon Song (hardest bass)
-Immigrint Song (hardest Vocals)
-Since I've Been Loving You
-Gallows Pole
- You Shook Me
-Misty Mountain Hop
-Black Dog
-Rock And Roll
-Stairway To Heaven (if you dont like, deal with it)
-When The Leeve breaks
-The Song Remains The Same
-Dancing Days
-D'yer Mak'er
-The Ocean
-Houses Of The Holy
-Trampled Under Foot
-Thank You
-Achilles Last Stand (hardest drums)
-Nobody's Fault But Mine
-Fool In The Rain
-All My Love
-Custard Pie
-The Rover
-Over The Hills And Far Away
The other 23 songs

For Your Love- The Yardbirds
Hey Joe- The Jimi Hendrix Experince
Child In Time- Deep Purple
Heaven And Hell- Black Sabbath
White Room- Cream
Layla- Derick And The Dominoes
Cocaine- Eric Clapton
Man On The Silver Mountain- Rainbow
I Can See For Miles- The Who
Feel Like Making Love- Bad Company
Sympathy For The Devil- The Rolling Stones
Rock My Plimsoul- The Jeff Beck Group
Had to Cry Today- Blind Faith
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda- Iron Butterfly
Commfortbly Numb- Pink Floyd
Crazy Train- Ozzy Ozbourne
Still of the Night- Whitesnake
Runnin With The Devil- Van Halen
Hard to Handle- The Black Crowes
Stone Cold Crazy- Queen
Rock Bottom- UFO
Sultans Of Swing- Dire Straits
Riders On The Storm- The Doors
Fire And Water- Free

How do you like it???


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