Fantasy All-Star Rock Band, Day 41: Pick A Songwriter for the Band!

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Welcome to Day 41, Band 6 of the Fantasy All-Star Rock Band Challenge!

Congratulations to Roxy Music keyboardist, composer and all-around musical genius BRIAN ENO, who joins the band on keyboards!

Now it's time to pick a SONGWRITER for this band! Again, as always, you may select a songwriter from within the existing members of the band, or pick an outside agent of your choice. Also, ties are not broken, but result in a "collaboration" between nominees who tie. And, as always, pick someone from the rock era --- 1950s to present, living or dead, male or female, any rock-friendly genre.

Day 1: Vocalist: Freddie Mercury
Day 2: Guitarist: Mick Ronson
Day 3: Drummer: Ian Paice
Day 4: Bassist: Dennis Dunaway
Day 5: Keyboardist: Brian Eno
Day 6: Songwriter(s): ???
Day 7: Name This Band!

You may *not* select from the pool of "retired" band members:

Frank Zappa
John Petrucci
Neil Peart
John Entwistle
Keith Emerson
Robert Plant
Jeff Beck
Bill Ward
Jack Bruce
Ray Manzarek
Rob Halford
Dave Mustaine
Scott Ian
Steve Harris
Dave Lombardo
Ann Wilson
Steve Howe
Stewart Copeland
Geddy Lee
Rick Wakeman
Roger Daltrey
Eric Clapton
Keith Moon
Paul McCartney
Rod Argent

For further rules and formatting, go here:

Good luck, and happy voting! (Voting closes at ***10 PM EST*** tomorrow.)


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