How-To: XBOX360 Portable Drums Converted to PS3/360 Hybrid

edited August 2010 in Rock Band
Ok check this simple device out.

Take that old RB1 drum kit you have and cut out the brain section of the controller.

Wire 1/8" Mono Jacks right into the pad input wires. I used 2 of THESE and cut them up.

Then the Mad Catz portable pads plug right in and work like a champ.

I moved the kick input to the location shown for tidyness sake.

Dress it up however you like. The conversion shown has a 1.5" rack clamp for mounting to a Roland style rack. Similar clamps could be attahced to the drum pads to offer an inexpensive adjustable drum solution.


Since there are no changes made to the original XBOX360 portable brain, you end up with protable drums that will work on either console with a 5 plug swap.


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