Fantasy All-Star Rock Band, Day 44: Pick your favorite SOUTHERN ROCK Guitarist!

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Welcome to Day 44, Band 7 of the Fantasy All-Star Rock Band Challenge!

Congratulations to Skynyrd's Dixie icon RONNIE VAN ZANT, who fronts the Fantasy All-Star Southern Rock Band!

Now pick your favorite Southern rock GUITARIST!

Pick artists who represent the best in Southern rock --- be it true southern rock, or rockabilly, or blues/blues rock, or country/ country rock/ alt-country....

I'm not going to *require* that a nominee be from the South (that's Southern US, by the way, in case our friends in Europe, Asia or Oz were wondering ;)); just that their sound has typically been considered part of one of the above southern genres. (I can think of several major "southern rock" groups right off the top of my head that are/were based in California, the UK, or Australia....)

You may choose any southern rock artist from the 1950s on, male or female, living or dead. Since it's a theme week, there's no "retired band member" restrictions, either.

Day 1: Vocalist: Ronnie Van Zant
Day 2: Guitarist: ???
Day 3: Drummer: ???
Day 4: Bassist: ???
Day 5: Keyboardist: ???
Day 6: Songwriter(s): ???
Day 7: Name This Band!

For further rules and formatting, go here:

Good luck, and happy voting! (Voting closes at ***10 PM EST*** tomorrow.)


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