Week 2 - March 2008 vs. March 2009

OrdealByFireOrdealByFire Banned
edited March 2009 in Rock Band
Serj Tankian "Beethoven's C***"
Paramore "Crush,Crush"
Black Tide "Shockwave"

Offspring "All I Want"
Offspring "The Kids Arent All Right"
REM "Losing My Religion"
Richard Thompson "???Forgot???"

Pretty hard choice. I really like Offspring and REM is cool, but Losing My Religion doesn't seem like it's be that much fun. In 08, all three songs were really fun. Despite really liking Offspring, 3 is more than 2, and the songs in '08 when I got them were only $1 each.

"It's all I waaaaant! It's all I waaaaaant! It's all I waaaaaant! It's all I waaaaaant! Yeah yeah yeah yeah YEAH!"

08 for me.


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