Sepultura ROOTS album for DLC - Roadrunner label

PaperMario21PaperMario21 Road Warrior
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I was pleasantly surprised when we got a roadrunner pack back in august '08.
firmly believed that soon after we'd get something from Sepultura as this is one of the most popular heavy/thrashy/death metal bands of the 90's.
well, we didn't.
hmx, you need to put out Roots album as dlc, it's one of the most original and one of a kind metal albums any serious metal fan will appreciate.
heavy riffs, solos, super low tone vocals, fantastic drums(many song would contain multiple drum solos), indian tribe chantings, it's just a wild ride through and through.
"Roots consolidates Sepultura's position as perhaps the most distinctive, original heavy metal band of the 1990s"(taken from allmusic review).
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