OMG! I'm so excited!

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I'm posting this here since this is where I spend the majority of my forum time:o And it is music related so ....

Anyone that has gotten to know me on here knows how much I love Dennis Dunaway's bass playing. His playing influenced me as a guitarist and is now doing so as I learn bass. Well I am now going to have the opportunity to see him play live! Never thought I'd see that happen. Just found out one of his side projects will playing 3 shows up here in Canada, Oshawa, Toronto and Hamilton next month. I'm hitting at least one of the shows in Toronto or Hamilton.

It's called Blue Coupe and along with Dennis it features two of the original members of Blue Oyster Cult! Joe and Albert Bouchard. Joe was the original bassist and Al was the original drummer. Joe is playing guitar in Blue Coupe! Man I can not wait! Really hoping I'll wind up knowing someone for a chance to meet Dunaway or at the very least since the venues are smaller blues/rock clubs there's an opportunity for a meet.

Found a couple of clips on youtube. Looks like it'll be an evening of some BOC, hope they do some Cooper as well.

Blue Coupe - Don't Fear The Reaper

Blue Coupe - Burning For You

Blue Coupe - Cities on Flame with Rock n' Roll


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