Hardcore Blues?

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I'm not sure what else to call what I'm looking for. I've long since liked and appreciated Blues music, particularly blues-rock (electric guitar blues)... I recently saw "Black Snake Moan" (a really cool movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet) and I just love the songs SLJ does in the movie. It's Blues, but it's Blues unlike what I've heard... like I said, I can only think of calling it "Hardcore Blues"

"Stack-O-Lee" by Samuel L. Jackson, from the film Black Snake Moan

Now, it's not JUST the foul language I'm referring to, although that is a part of it... even the instrumentation is just rawer, dirtier. SRV kind of fits in this category, kind of, but I'm sure there's a whole sub genre of, I'd assume mostly, black hardcore blues men. Suggestions and links would be much appreciated.

No one says mother f***er like SLJ :D


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