Pagan Knights 2009

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I just got home from the Pagan Knights show here in Seattle... WOW. The first two bands were local bands, Sol Negro and Terra Morta.

Sol Negro was great, reminded me some what of Immortal some how.

Terra Morta, although I have seen them before, blew me away. Look them up on Myspace if you get the chance!! They are good friends of mine as well.

Next up was Suidurka (or something like that). Really cool folk metal band, entertaining stage show, really worked with the crowd. I have noticed that when European bands come here, they bust their asses to put on a good show, and no matter what, we eat it up since we don't have that kind of music here.

After them was the Pirate Metal onslaught of ALESTORM. I thought these guys were just a joke like Dragonforce, and although a good amount of their songs do indeed sound a like, they are entertaining as hell! No stage clothing though, just street clothes which was a real bummer, but still, I really recommend seeing them.

The final band was Tyr... not my style at all, but still good! I left during the second song though since I was getting kind of bored.

Overall, great show!!!


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