Is the idea of playing a calssic album live played out?

AxlVanHagarAxlVanHagar Road Warrior
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Iron Maiden did it with A Matter Of Life And Death
Slayer did it with Reign In Blood
Anthrax Among the Living
KISS: Alive!
Billy Squire: Don't Say No
Metallica: Master of Puppets
Testament are doing the first two records
Judas Priest just announced they are doing British Steel this summer and would still like to do Nostradamus at some point.
Motley Crue are doing Dr. Feelgood on Crue Fest 2 this summer

Is this idea played out at this point? Do you even like the idea? Would you prefer a different album or a 'greatest hits' type set list?


Depending on the album and band I kind of like the idea myself. Some bands get into a rut and year after year play the same set list with no change whatsoever. That gets stale for me.


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