Tag you're it: Name that Band

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Here's how this thread works. I'll start by posting a mystery band's name with all the vowels and spaces taken out. The person who gets that right will post a band with out spaces or vowels, and so on.


1. Y's DO NOT count as vowels, for example, Lynryrd Skynyrd would be unacceptable, as it has no vowels
2.No more than one band per post
3.It doesn't have to be included in RB
4.If the band's name begins with "the", you decide whether or not to include it, but I personnaly believe that "the" narrows it down too much. For example, thbtls or btls, both are Beatles, but which is easier?
5.No bands are off limits except the ones used for examples.

first band

CHLDRNFBDM (pretty easy)


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