Emerson lake and palmer reunion!

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Keith Emerson --

Keith did an interview for the April issue of the German music magazine Eclipsed, the second question he was asked was.

"Will there ever be a sign of life from ELP again."

Keith replied,
"Yes, indeed. There still is a lot of demand which we will meet with a tour next year. But if you really want to hear my music and the future of Keith Emerson, you have to listen to the Keith Emerson Band."

Carl Palmer --

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Well it looks like the ELP reunion is going to happen, I say this because, If Carl had any doubt of it not happening I don't think he would have mentioned anything about it.

From the Carl Palmer website
BREAKING NEWS! Carl Palmer To Unleash The Fury of WORKING LIVE VOL. 3 in 2009. Album is third installment in trio of discs celebrating brave new interpretations of ELP instrumental classics.

Carl Palmer, has finished up final mixes for Working Live Vol 3, which will be released later in 2009. Featuring his acclaimed power trio, Working Live 3 features new versions of classics Palmer had originally made famous in Emerson Lake & Palmer, such as "Pictures At An Exhibition," "Romeo & Juliet;" and an instrumental kick-ass version of the 1972 classic, "*****es Crystal." Working Live 3 also features the classic drum solo Carl has made famous in his drum clinic tours around the world over the years "In a Moroccan Market " and the recording of the popular intro music used at many of the concerts, "Halloween Drums."

"As With Working Live Vol 1 and 2, the idea with this record was to capture my own band arrangements of these classical and rock anthems originally recorded with ELP," says Palmer, from his home in London."We never attempted to re-create those legendary recordings by ELP, but, rather, to re-invent them into something completely different, with my own band, which is guitar-driven," says Palmer.

When listened to, together, the three discs make up a recorded testament to Palmer's acclaimed live all-instrumental show, Carl Palmer Celebrates The Music of ELP. The Carl Palmer Band has been touring throughout Europe since 2000, and in 2006 launched a triumphant six week tour, covering much of Canada and the United States.


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