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trench762trench762 Road Warrior
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just an idea, how about a seperate forum for up and coming, new, or unsigned bands or just lesser known bands. I'm the kind of person always on the look for something new that I can enjoy. With a seperate forum there would be nothing but band recomendations. The rules of the section could be post band name, link to their music (myspace, youtube, whatever is available) genre, sounds like. Maybe even subdivide the forum into a few different genres, don't go too deep into sub genres, keep it simple, like pop, metal, rock, electronic, whatever. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Good idea? Bad idea? Unlikely? Gimme some feedback.


  • LolicatLolicat Road Warrior
    edited March 2009
    Very few people would post in it, to be honest, beause most people at a computer are listening to their music already and hate stopping it to listen to some myspace band. Try starting a thread, that's your best bet.
  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
    edited March 2009
    i actually have a "music recommendations" thread somewhere here in the HoR forums, though it's more centered around people asking for specific styles/genres and then getting recommendations.

    anytime it gets bumped up it enjoys a few days near the top of the forum but then falls back to the abyss for a few weeks. most recommendations just kinda happen in other threads anyhow.
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