New Bedford, massachusetss rock band night went well.

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Hi all,

Thanx to everyone who showed up.
It was a blast.
Hope all had fun.
Looking forward to the next one.
For those who didn't make it you missed it.
I myself dressed up as SLASH (from GNR).
Everyone got a kick out of it.
I'll post some pics as soon as I get them.



  • SkinnyDaboneSkinnyDabone Unsigned
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    It was def a good time.The whole setup was perfect! The peenchas and i cant stop talking about it. Thanks for setting it up and we are looking forward for the next one!!
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    Thanks for setting up the RB night Jay, It was awesome. Good meeting you in person as well.

    My buddies and I had a blast. Can't wait till we get another one of these together. Perhaps as people see it happening more, we'll get a better turn out in the future.

    I think you're wife loved us lol. I haven't been invited for a gaming sleep-over since I was 12. Although I don't know if you're kids could handle us, we get a little rowdy and load after some alcohol and RB.
  • ssijayssijay Unsigned
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    Hey Bobby,

    Yeah it was a blast.

    Maybe we can set something up to get together.
  • ssijayssijay Unsigned
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    Hi all,

    The pics are up from our RB2 night @ ACCU BILLIARDS.

    The guy in the SLASH outfit is me.

    The other pics of the band is the band SKINNY & DA PEENCHAS.

    Check em out.
  • ssijayssijay Unsigned
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    Hey all,

    I looked at the pics i put up and thought they were shrunk too small.

    I updated the pics so when clicked it brings up a bigger pic so you all can see the pics better.

    check em out!!!!!!
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    I've also wanted to get a multiple display setup for my Rock Band parties. Here is what I've got so far. I use a Xbox 360. I have two RB 2 wireless Strats, RB 2 Drum kit with Double Cymbals, Pedal Metal reinforced kick pedal and cheap ($40) Musician's Friend throne, cheap ($20) Mic Stand w/ stock RB 2 Mic.

    I started out with a purchase of a 6' VGA HD Audio/Video Cable for Xbox 360 from Amazon for about $13 with shipping. I hooked it up to a 17" LCD display at 1024X768 (the display's native resolution) and checked the video quality and readability with a four player game. I didn't see any ghosting or video abherations. The note tracks and lyrics were small but readable. I did read some negative reviews about these Xbox 360 VGA cables but they must have been running higher resolutions, beyond the bandwidth of the cable or something.

    Encouraged, I got on Amazon again and purchased a 4-Way SVGA VGA Splitter Amplifier Multiplier 250 MHz for about $33 with shipping. I found a web site that listed the bandwidth (MHz) needed for various VGA resoulutions and discovered 250 MHz was enough for 1024X768. I hooked up four of the same LCD displays and was pleased to find the display quality was just as good as my initial single display test.

    Where I want to go next is to come up with some good, cheap floor stands for the VGA displays. I'm thinking I may want to go larger on the vocalist display to make sure they can read the lyrics. The VGA Splitter can be cascaded (one output of first splitter goes to input of second splitter). This will give me 7 VGA outputs, 4 for the performers and 3 for auxiliary/audience displays (will need to test video quality on cascaded splitter). I'll probably need a few VGA-to-Component adaptors for auxiliary/audience displays that don't have a VGA input.

    Then once I have all that worked out I will need to start thinking about a portable sound system, lights, fog, roadies, groupies...
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