RED (indy rock band) involved in Wreck

ZookeyZookey Unsigned
edited December 2007 in History of Rock

RED is an indie band (one of the ones probably mentioned in the Christian forums--they are a band of Jesus Freaks although are like POD, FlyLeaf and Skillet in that they are a band anyone can jam out too---crossover band I guess is a better term.....) that I met last year and got into--they just were involved in a nasty crash where one of their band mates was launched out of the van---and the whole thing shut a highway down---that is knd of weird seeing how another band I met last year, Decyfer Down, was in a wreck too not to long ago, although nowhere near as bad---they are saying the dude that went through the window will be out for around 2 months......kind of makes the journalist in the beginning look dumb when she says no one was seriously hurt!


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