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Okay. Im doing it..Let me know what you think.

1950's to 1969 The Rock Classics/Legends (The ones that will never die) (13 Songs)

Johnny B. Goode-Chuck barry
Jailhouse Rock-Elvis Presily
I cant get no(satisfaction)-The Rolling stones
Light My Fire-The Doors
House of the Rising Sun-The Animals
Let it Be-The Beatles
Help!-The Beatles
Hey Jude-The Beatles
Proud Mary-CCR
Just one Look-the Hollies
Good Times, Bad Times-Led Zeppelin
Communication Breakdown-Led Zeppelin
Born to be Wild-Steppenwolf

1970-Hard Rock Classics, Punk( 15 Songs)

Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin
Beast of Burden-The Rolling Stones
Iron Man-Black sabbath
London Calling-The clash
Sweet Home Alabama-Lynard Skynard
i want you to want me-Cheap Trick
Surrender-Cheap trick
A horse with no Name-America
Stranglehold-Ted Nugent
Long cool Women(in a Black Dress)-The hollies
Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney & Wings
smoke on the Water-Deep Purple
Freebird-Lynard Skynyrd
Hotel California-The Eagles

1980's-Hair Metal,Metal And Rock Classics (2) 14 Songs

Bringin on the Heartbreak-Def Leppard
Panama-van halen
Beat it-Michael Jackson
Poison-Alice Cooper
Welcome to the Jungle-Guns N Roses
My Michelle-Guns n Roses
Master of Puppets-Metallica
Seek and destroy-Metallica
Sweet Child O mine-Guns N roses
I Love Rock N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Every Breath You Take - the Police
Crazy train-Ozzy Osbourne
Mr.Crowley-Ozzy Osbourne

1990's Grunge era, other (15 Songs)

Would?-Alice in Chains
I stay Away-Alice in chains
rooster-alice in Chains
Down in a Hole-Alice in Chains
Hunger Strike-Temple of the Dog
Come as you are-Nirvana
Plush-Stone temple Pilots
Wicked Garden-Stone temple Pilots
Closing time-Semisonic
infected-Bad religion
My Sacrifice-Creed (Go ahead, flame me, that song is great)
River of Deciet-Mad season
Lifeless dead-Mad Season
mama, im coming home-Ozzy Osbourne
hell raiser-Ozzy Osbourne

2000's Barely staying alive years (18 Songs)

In This river-Black Label Society
Stillborn-Black Label Society
One thing-Finger Eleven
Fire it Up-Black Label Society
Kill all your friends-MCR
Reise reise-Rammstein
Links 2,3,4-Rammstein
Collapse(Post amerika)-Rise against
Bottom Feeders-Runon Fragment
Cant be Saved-Senses Fail
The Light that Blinds-Shadows fall
I believe in a thing called Love-The darkness
Slither-Velvet revolver
Typical-Tickle Me Pink
Only one-Yellowcard

Full Albums-
Guns N Roses-chinese Democracy
-Appetite for Destruction

Rammstein-Reise Reise

Rage against The Machine-Live as the Grand olympic auditorium

Pearl jam-Greatest Hits

Avenged Sevenfold-city of Evil
-avenged sevonfold

Maylene and the sons of disaster-Self Titled

Mastodon-Blood Mountain


Crooked X-Self titled

What do you think.. Its got it all


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