"Power Ballads", rock ballads, whatever you wanna call them - recommendations?

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I typically don't buy compilation CDs, especially a certain series with the "NOW" tag. But yesterday I saw their new Now: Power Ballads and it looked pretty neat, so I bought it. I like it a lot, though I'm disappointed the Aerosmith song they chose was I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing. I like their ballad Angel a lot more, but I suppose the former makes sense since it's more famous.

I've been getting into rock ballads lately, so I've been wondering if people here can recommend more for me to check out. You guys have pointed me to great music (directly or indirectly) in the past so thought this was a good place to ask.

To give you a start, here are the songs on the new CD. Please recommend something NOT these. :)

Poison – "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"
Journey – "Faithfully"
Aerosmith – "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Def Leppard – "Love Bites"
Whitesnake – "Is This Love"
Heart – "Never"
Cheap Trick – "The Flame"
Bad English – "When I See You Smile"
Night Ranger – "Sister Christian"
Survivor – "The Search Is Over"
Sheriff – "When I'm with You"
Scorpions – "Still Loving You"
Slaughter – "Fly to the Angels"
Extreme – "More Than Words"
Mr. Big – "To Be with You"
Tesla – "Love Song"
Warrant – "Heaven"
Queensrÿche – "Silent Lucidity"

Thank you in advance!


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